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hi today I want to talk to you about different types of scratch for games you know a lot of people go into the convenience store or the liquor store and they want to play the scratchers game and they just go to the store and just think that every single scratch or game has the same odds of winning but the truth is that every single scratcher game has a different odds of winning and I want to teach you today in this video a simple way to find out and make a better decision in which scratch off ticket to purchase for you to have a better odds better chance of winning in the scrap shot games so let me here an example it’s like a lot of people go to the casino and they go to the slot machine and they’re saying you know y’all please slot machine and they see different types of slot machines some slot machines costs only a penny to play that I heard in Vegas now they have slot machines where you only cost you a penny to play I mean you can’t even lose any money you know so a lot of people are drawn to that because it only costs a one cent and some of the games cost five cents they’re nickel games so it cost five cents to play each time so that’s not a lot of risk out there and other games cost a quarter to play now that’s what gets a little bit more expensive and I’ve also learned that some casino games slot machine games they cost even more more expensive they cost a dollar to play one of the things is that the average person who goes into a casino looks at these different type of games the one cent the five cents of 25 cents in the dollar games and then is drawn to the one cent games they’re drawn to the penny games and the reason they are drawn to the penny games is because simply human mind is only attracted drawn to the game that is the cheapest to play they don’t want to lose money the people don’t like risk but one of the things secrets they don’t realize about the one cent games though penny games is that it has the worst odds of winning and if you do happen to win you’re not going to win that significant amount of money on the other hand if you spend the same money you play the penny game for let’s say the 25 cent game and the dollar game then you will have much better odds of winning in the casino slot machines well the scratch off game is similar concept what I’ve noticed is they have the similar concept a lot of people you know there’s different games out there the $1 game which is considered the cheapest scratch off games wherever you live then there’s a $2 game the $3 game the $5 game and some states now start or they’re starting to have the $10 game and the $20 scratch off games so the person the first time when you go to the convenience store you might be thinking well there’s $1 $2 $5 $10 you force I’m going to play the $1 game that’s where you’re thinking but you don’t know that because there’s one secret to the scratch off game because the $1 game even though it costs the cheapest to play it has the worst odds of winning so if you’re going to let’s say you’re going to pay $10 in the scratch machine you’re saying all the volatility to the store I’m going to play $10 you know and you spend that $10 in the $1 game’s all in the $1 games well your odds of winning will be much better if you use that scene $10 to play in the more expensive games like the $3 games or the $5 games even though you’re buying less tickets you’ll have much better chances of winning so the next time you play scratch out games don’t go you know don’t immediately say oh yo I’m gonna go play the $1 games because it’s a cheapest because the $1 game has were the worst odds of winning so if you want more tips and tricks in the scratchers game go to how to win scratchers calm and start winning the scratches scratches game and stop playing the one dog game starting today thanks a lot.


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