The New Lucky Lines Scratchcard From The National Lottery Video

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The New Lucky Lines Scratchcard from the national to see Scratchcard sunday.

before any of you say anything I do know a mr.pot of gold Thanks hi this is Paul from Samuel Mobile’s and this is another new scratch card from the National Lottery lucky lines top prize is 300 grand they’re free pound each card so let me tell you what the Year william prizes are three pound five pound six pound ten pound 20 pound 40 pound 100 pound 500 pound 1000 pound ten thousand pound 300 thousand pound so the idea of the game is I’ve gotta get horizontal horizontal horizontal aligned or vertical lines of the symbols so basically what I’ve got to do scratch off the symbols here match them to DS obviously the getting there or getting there getting there then I win sorry there you go um yeah you’ll see if I win one down 16 you go right down as well so you win up to six times so let’s get started so the first two symbols are a horseshoe and the lottery symbol there’s a lottery symbol there’s a whole tree next to one then we know what I hear the paw print your paw print and a feather Beverly next two is seven and a diamond seven Dimond next two is a dice and a rainbow dice and rainbow next two is a gold bar and a cloud gold bar clown next two is a fro spider spider in some money here’s some money and there’s a spider and next to is pound sign and a chest of money no just the money next two is a heart and a clover for leaf clover next two is a bag money and that pound a pound I’m assuming so did I win no no never won close to it on a pig ear close to it there verse star and just make sure there’s none left and then there is none left so I didn’t win on that one next one these ones are a bit long winded winded and I definitely say game double checked with the lottery thing as well just in case so rainbow and a spider a heart and some money it’s money there the whole or there’s some more money there so there’s two of each sometimes go watch out for that I don’t think I messed up from the other one oh maybe I did actually let me just quickly go back to your one cuz there’s some more money there and so look know that was anyone I missed out they didn’t make me a millionaire okay you’d have been telling me about that anyway I’m sure you would have been me like I said always double check them goodies know that okay so pound sign or pound coin and the lottery single no pound coins now have a lottery singles a diamond and pound sign no diamond no pound sign cloud and top hat ever my bag of money know the figures number bags money number seven lucky seven and a horseshoe yeah listen crown is crown and ladybird there’s no crowns and other ladybirds pot of gold no pot of gold and a four leaf clover and there’s a four leaf clover and that is in so I didn’t win nothing on them korban I saw a piggy what I 1,000 pound if I better piggy there that have been nice one net or a lightning strike well free quit weepy doo dah okay thanks for watching please like the video and subscribe so that is not a bad scratch card that one that’s what it looks like a bit closer up yeah very nice thanks for watching please like the video and subscribe to see more scratch cards. .

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