The New 90,000 Lucky Deal Scratchcards From The National Lottery Video

Lotto Scratch Cards

Thank you for viewing my video. The new Luck Deal Scratchcards for you all to view. Here is the for the Giveaway prize draw on my channel worth viewing everyone :.

by God’s Mariette this video’s for the brawny lucky dearest scratchcards hope you enjoyed the video and if you do please give it a thumbs up during the video anytime and yeah so switch camera and have a look okay thank you all right guys here we go this is the new lucky deal scratch cards from the National Lottery top prize of 90,000 basically in a row 53 identical cards with a correspondent price on table sagat 352 pound three sixes four pounds etc use the bonus card which is that one revealed that one for an extra chancer to match us three identical cards in the row so you’ve only got 225 see my 45 which give you two quick alright so top prizes are other prizes are t 4 5 10 20 40 hundred thousand ten thousand and top price of 90,000 pounds okay one in every 4.24 averages of win so I’ve got five of these so probably why not find it whenever you never know by brandy okay let’s crack on in a seer we go okay so got an ace so as ace is there so we basically divided because there’s only two aces it should be an ace done now we’ll find out at the end 752 in the caves 88 q king and queen queen nine nine and five goose of chances here King 10 Jack 10 6 track oh so nice and the 9 q 8q so reveal this once we’ve got five so i’ll see if I’ve got any two fives and now don’t think I have I’m secure an iron man yet so I couldn’t match any three or fives and I got three of anything else that I’ve snow in different way planes quite interesting so you’ve got eight five five and ten seven Jack 58 QQ 76 q 8 am 8 okay Ivan got three in a row as it is I don’t think Nexus fun at the pogos got 10 so can I find two tens and then same lie no no definitely got three of a kind lets us know when or not one deck and good let’s check these out make it quicker so you got three of the same on the road and you succeed no no no no no no it’s proneness numbers of five know when they’re either shocking I just do it quickly and then we look at the cards afterwards okay see we can find a thin us free eight seven eight eight eight yep so got 80 got ten pound on that one a screw Brittany grill brim yes I got ten pound on that line there row three so check anything else will know tool pretty worth in the sacrum head right now icare attract a bonus got a queue so if I got anything on over to cues on there so that does think i have no so i got them tampon on that one got 38 in the line so I’ve got ten quid I do see money back left on this one here hope you enjoy this video if you do please give it a thumbs up guys would be brilliant okay s. o looks you’ve got three in a row I think I have no so stop a look at this one which is an eight again no nine no no no no no no no okay that’s right got me tamping back on the UM card 019 which is the key the Queen’s some areas here no I’ve got the eight sir q God eh there which is ten quid so that was good got any money back on that locks sobriety lucky deals scratch cards look good quite fun yeah quite enjoyed that and yeah please give a thumbs up video if you can our subscribers just below and subscribe to my channel also a link below for the prize draw and then take a look in you know you can an see if you like or might be for anyone to wonder 12 please do so okay alright thanks so much for viewing under speed you later thanks guys. .

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