The New 5 Millionaire Riches Scratchcards From The National Lottery Video

Lotto Scratch Cards

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hi everyone thanks for clicking on this video after year city’s great little win on the squash courts the first video of a full video I decided to go out and get the proper brand new ones cuz when it balls up the video quite a few times so I’ve got the front knee millionaire riches and these here prop 10 of these as well so gonna be two different videos but I’ve still loaded the other ones which one or for two or four etc and these ones in between so you might get two videos in one day alright so Frank’s a few in yesterday’s video hope you enjoyed it I did it was quite a surprise in a roadblock that I’m 110 pound a 140 pound win so yeah hopefully enjoyed this video please give a thumbs up if you do enjoy it subscribers just on there I’ve already been in touch with Judy gamers there another scrap Skoda’s channel they do all different type of stuff and I think they said they play online with Grand Theft Auto 5 so I’m looking forward to that we’ll find each other on the accounts and you know yeah I’m looking forward to that so crack on batiste one spit steak and the blue ones which I knew not the goat there’d be another time okay so change over and we stop my guy sees to the need million average his got four there was today and these are new so the bucket of prizes half 5 10 15 20 30 50 100 500 1000 5000 50,000 on top price 1 million one in every three point five five as opposed to me when so I like these yeah look they look good so uh this crack away a crack on and um see if we win so this one game one that got to find a note to win ten pounds got a star so no this one is a money back to win twenty I got a wallet better thorough okay much these symbols and as possible triple so there’s a times free if I do you find anything on here gem dokey hozen chests banking cash car on the road brewing just bubbly and bag washing their minds with speakers and the phone apart is winning symbol code suck off one of Google on here’s got a nugget watch plane and go to cup so first wins a loser losing ticket got a crown Plata code duties first person who lived hose German necklace corner bag from being a bit so I can get it steady keep moving the card about hopefully you can see it clearly bubbling row necklace and chest above in bank codes key and cash so I’ll try down here briefcase limo don’t watch nugget and gold last one was go burn it yeah fifty Cola okay okay on with this one silver bar between the wind money bags a vote stop Franklin cash Cheston goat pee posts and holes bubbling bubbling on at times once is probably five pound and spare nothing in it bargain hose growing bag necklace and cash house and gems so look ten quid lovey jibley but be bubbly it’s got ten pound on that ones half and money back already don’t watch I got nugget plane go to cut sham Paris so now I’ve got two bubblies air ten pound happy without to be honest on there’s tamping down that my P cuz it’s a win I’ve got crown Potter goat Cara necklace go to key in car hosing cash banking bag Cheston house hosing bubbly German that fests bubbly no try this one down here champagne bones limo go to cup plain and nugget saucer I don’t see about having money back could have been complete loss no mind still happy with that to be honest after yesterday’s win so yeah if you like this video please give it a thumbs up and subscribe buttons just done or subscribe to my channel so that is the brownie millionaire riches from the National Lottery do you like this car a sec oppose our top a thing ready no snow so like that and yeah you see more of these coming up soon alright so next video will be the brownie to G of 50,000 blue got ten a day to do and Sierra comedy okay thanks guys see you later.


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