The New 10 4 Million Gold Scratchcard Winner! Video

Lotto Scratch Cards

Not bad.

oh you cheap on back just popped to the shop again changed up with 20 pound scratch card there just one on the previous video and I bought another 20 obviously somebody’s bought a couple and I’ve got before we quit so ten pound on the first one there which is a limo Earl in low and in 30 pound dear two and eight ten pound and wallet in a wallet to 20 quid so 20 pounder that’s not too bad and he’s going to be quite good actually and what you can be a hundred pounder in the back towards the end so you never know dear but I’ve just let a few other people buy a few now and just done you know be fern and go from there really be a pot luck as they say you can’t force a win so basically that’s the way it is but if you like this video guys subscribe and if you haven’t already liked the video and I’ll be doing more videos soon take care guys bye bye.


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