The Bejeweled National Lottery Instant Win Game Video

Lotto Scratch Cards

This is a demonstration of the National Lottery’s online scratchcard game which is based on the extremely popular Bejeweled game. I just thought I’d upload a demo of this game so you can see how it plays.

yeah good evening rs it’s me again this time for all your video Blitz fans I’m going to show you something I discovered on the National Lottery website basically it’s a bejeweled scratch card and you can see it in front of you now right but but in order to pick the gems you have to roll the two dice at the bottom of the screen so this is just a try version of the game so I won’t actually win any money if I win but I just wanted to show you how to play it so you click the dice and here we’ve got three down well that’s the first gem so now I’m going to play the rest of my goes I’m sure you so I’ve picked one red German one silver jump and I’ll just carry on playing and so it looks like I might be in with a chance got five rolls left well that is one roll off but one sorry our one match which I’ve got in order to win five pounds I’ve got to make two more matches but this is a try game so it won’t matter if I win or not so is it so anyway I’m just I’ll just finish off the game and write my last roll oh so it was wasn’t never mine’s better like next time anyway thank you for watching.


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