Super Hot 2018 Online Business Trends (Earn Bookoo Money) Video

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Today @ 4.30PM EST I’m going live to talk about the 3 big online business niche trends you can tap into to earn BOOKOO money from scratch online.
There are several ways. My Tube Tycoon System: Deadbeat Super system: Stream my rules: No purchase necessary to enter. No employees or family members or immediate friends of employees or family members are allowed to enter. Cash equivalent of 12″ MacBook will be paid via PayPal or Amazon if the winner is in a foreign country outside of the USA because of issues with shipping..

oh right Debbie so today we’re talking about superhot online businesses that you can tap into in 2018 so these are super trendy markets and the benefit of this is that old although that they’re they’re popular and competitive because they’re so trendy there’s small little angles that we can attack and get into so we’re talking about today is three particular markets that I want to focus on and how to find entry points to get in alright so first off let me do a quick check on the stream health here and then we’ll jump right on in I’ll talk about the specific markets I’ve talked about some of these in the past I really want to just elaborate a little bit more on each market so real quick just give you guys a quick test how we do them with video and audio and we’ll start writing that sounds good sound good do we have audio peak good trying to get started go good alright guys so these are the markets in particular that we’re talking about here today as you might have guessed or crypto gaming and diet so all three of these are very fad oriented and they have a lot in common with one another and it’s it’s a certain type of audience that Raber to attack here now the been there’s benefits and drawbacks of this particular audience so start start with crypto for example crypto these type people are interested in crypto or are for the most part people that want to get rich quick without putting an effort so these people are usually very fleeting and very trendy so if you’re able to catch the trends you can blow up a channel pretty quickly so today right now the Bitcoin can be jump back on here the Bitcoin keywords are a bit competitive now that doesn’t mean that you can’t get in and really crush it if you attack long tail keywords but we want to shift our focus from Bitcoin oriented keywords to the more to the all coins so those all coins that you might want to consider attacking our things like ripple ether or like coin Manero Manero XM ours that the the the symbol for that start with all those also start working in keywords like G Dax so that’s one of the exchange marketplaces that you can tap into hold on Mohammed try to work in things like G Dax tutorial corn based tutorials benefits and drawbacks of both etc etc so make videos make content about these alternative based keywords that are still related to crypto and work your way into there so just to show you guys something pretty cool here is a here is an awkward video I don’t I don’t think I’m allowed to pull it up let me just pull it up I’ll pause it so it does I don’t get any kind of issues with oh okay alright so this is a Trevor drove on James here the video itself was made like what the hell does that less than less than a month ago already two hundred thirty thousand views so these are all coin these altcoin keywords even the word all coined great way to enter and avoiding the more competitive bitcoin keywords alright so from there let’s get let’s keep going with the bitcoin natural we’ll go one by one with these topics let me just make sure real quick we’re doing good on the stream health i know always have issues all right we’re good everyone good now all good okay alright so from here what you’re gonna want to do this is where i think will be the better the better strategy go for you’re gonna want want to start trying attempting to do live streams so what I recommend is about a ninety percent recorded video so for those of you in the this is a great weight ninety percent pre recorded videos these are a game going after altcoin keywords and also exchange keywords like G Dax there was actually a lot of search traffic just with this keyword alone so like tutorials what’s the best exchange market exchange for all coins etc so work those work those in make videos about that now I recommend that you also start doing some live streams so this could be this can be a little bit scary for some of you out there but I don’t see many too many crypto people doing live streams regularly on I see Tai Lopez doing some I recommend you work these in so what you can do is connect with services either Wirecast and we’re familiar with that software the OBS unfortunately doesn’t have with the default settings a way to restream out unless you connect it with services like let me something pull these up here it’s called restream whereas I have a page up here somewhere where to go so restream I talked about this in yesterday’s video I believe re streamed’ org I’m not affiliated with this program where is it right here so restream I oh I found I stumbled upon this the other day I think I’m gonna start using this from my channel the way this works is you basically hook up OBS with or Wirecast and and feed it through restream and this will send it out to various different platforms so you can do it to like Facebook groups Facebook pages Facebook profiles your channel several other I think you have support for over 100 different services I’m not mistaken so with this you can stream out to different platforms and start building your audience that way we’re talking about the way I like to look at this is like I like to play the game of Risk instead of going after the big kahuna like the unite United States you can go after those smaller properties by doing these altcoin strategies here and making making content for those work in the live streams and I think that you’ll be able to pull in an audience pretty quick in these these markets here so to keep in my guys Bitcoin audience is very fleeting in the sense that they are kind of like the grit get rich quick type people but it doesn’t mean that this audience isn’t valuable you’re just gonna have to have to focus your content around that all right second niche the second type of online business that we’re gonna want to work into also guys think about in the crypto the crypto so he’s creating a character like there’s that dude the crypto genius he has the glasses and all I think that’s completely that’s so freaking brilliant figure out some kind of character that you can create to kind of lead the charge here because crypto space is competitive but you want to have that character to stand out so another one a friend of mine has one called crypto girl that’s his uh Jamie Lewis has a his wife is a brand called crypto girl so things are some kind of unique character to create all I’m a big fan of characters so as you guys know I’m a big fan of that stuff let me everyone good is everyone good to do a good video there can you guys hear me I think there’s some issues with break up break up here stream is awesome good alright so 150 people and got some cash from giving out in a minute sorry guys if I check as these streams aren’t very reliable at this with the video and all that so 100 dollars of cash came out of MIT we’ll talk about that in a second all right so next topic is gaming this is one of the most competitive not the most competitive but for that younger audience this is a competitive market but when done correctly you can tap into this and start building audience so again this is one of those things you’re gonna definitely want to build some kind of character or something get some kind of piece of flair like a wig if you have to like a blue wig maybe some goofy goggles or something like that working a character some kind of unique thing to make you stand out from the audience so what are you can do here in this topic is for most of your gamers I think all of you know it’s very trendy very group oriented so you guys know what are the hot games and they come up you can go to gaming calm here of course the the hotter games this fortnight just came out this is definitely trending but you see how they work and very it works in very trans like people will jump from one game to the next you want to make sure that you’re attacking while the trend is coming up like let’s check out the good words and some around here here’s some Google Trends is a great way to figure out where we are in the cycle so let me just remove G Dax from here let me see it here move Oh guys I got a bunch of weight weight loss things in there but for tonight let’s work that in here so for tonight is is it’s a relatively newer game you can see here it started to really take off in about them Marissa’s must have in the beta release like if you guys see the green room line here this must have been the beta release so it actually did pretty good so what you can do is you can compare it against more popular generic keywords like you know diet keywords whatever you want to compare it against something something generic and compare it against this so you can see this must have been the beta release here where my fingers on see how there’s a spike comparatively to these diet keywords like the beta has really taken off so let’s just compare this to consume or even comparison here let me get rid of these wait this is weight loss weight loss things here hold on one sec get rid of these lag of course okay fortnight what’s a fortnight let’s look and play or unknown know what’s the what’s the acronym for that player on pugs is that what it is player unknown its pugs right for those you pugs I think it is who’s into that it’s pogs minecraft what’s working minecraft my I only play counter strike so those are you like oh he’s not using the acronyms oh my god he’s not a gamer let’s work let’s circle csgo alright so here we go here we go I’ve got the keto diet and here still alright so the beta alright so here we go I’m assuming this spike right here is basically the beta release so you can see that the buzz from it really took off so that it’s close to that the average csgo off of that that initial release it mirrors csgo in and of itself so that’s a good sign so the beta and the search results and you see a big spike like rivaling other games this is a good chance that’s gonna do pretty good so I assume what happened is the beta release and they’re fixing all the little bugs here and then boom release BAM look at that and that’s where we’re at right now so that’s a good way to compare it to some of the more average games or the more kind of mainstream games that have already taken hold so do that so to compare some of these newer beta releases to these the the recent releases of games like csgo you can do what’s enough what’s in for the key gamers out there’s a p pu pu BGI let’s check that out hold on I’ll show you guys how to figure out what when some of these games are trending so pu pu BG let’s check that out alright so that that’s yellow so that’s rifling it looks like it had an earlier start I guess they didn’t really do a beta release they might have but doesn’t look like it you can see here though but these games intersect the games as far as search volume intersect all the same the same point here so try to look at some of that stuff these are definitely like the two in games right now are these two right here at least from my graphs here so some tips for this guys what you’re gonna want to do is first focus on building up audiences outside of these platforms so it’s gonna be hard for you to just jump in and start streaming and that not to say that it can’t work what you’re gonna want to do is start finding some Facebook groups start joining all these start networking start joining various clans various groups in these games and connect with people on services like discord so this is all going to be very laser targeted one on one networking but this is how you can slowly but surely start building up people to watch your streams now you’re definitely going to want to lead the charge here with with small contests small contests are going to go a long way in these topics so what I recommend is maybe $25 giveaways you can give away some you know like a mouse and give it to the buyer one of the top top gaming gear like those Razer Mouse’s I think are pretty hot start with that and work on building up your properties outside of so I think this is a great way to start picking off people like go to the community here and start networking with people here you can drop tutorial videos what I recommend this is gonna be a little bit counterintuitive what people recommend as far as starting with the with a gaming niche I recommend you actually start off with doing some pre recorded video content so do more SEO related videos tutorials tips etc for a specific game so let’s say your wanted to fortnight streaming for tonight’s find some keywords that people are targeting and make tutorial videos about this all right so that’s going to help you build up a channel and then from there along with building up your connections on your communities and all that one by one promote people to your channel do giveaways start building some influence one by one in those communities then you can start live streaming all right so before that’s what I recommend also build up a character build up some sort of character whatever I said like gear put some stupid little goggles on something make you stand about also this is definitely a very personality based niche market so start with that so start 50% pre recorded and funnel all of that into your live streams I definitely also recommend you focus on building email lists I know that sounds kind of old school so to speak in this niche but email marketing is a proven way to start building out an audience so definitely think about it in gaming alright let’s talk about diet these are all again another trendy thing people hop from one one trend to another so dieting what you can do is head over to Amazon let’s see where we at I’m still on see Amazon alright so jump over to Amazon this is a great way to get some competitive intelligence on what’s hot I have a tab here I think this is it alright so just go through the Amazon diet list here and you’ll see that some of the hot obviously the keto diets doing pretty well before the big thing was paleo the whole thing would be dominated by paleo results so these are some hot topics what you can do is make a channel about alternative diets like for example this keyword this dr.kelly’s bone broth diet so you could spearhead your dot on the diet the diet a diet channel with these more obscure diets that are starting to take hold so 865 reviews a lot of reviews that’s a ton so you know you could you could make a channel make a bunch of videos talking this targeting bone to broth tied another one like the longevity diet that seems a little bit smaller I wouldn’t focus on that crazy sexy diet that’s ridiculous the diet like here’s an on the dash diet so make videos about those the dental diet what the hell is that about that’s weird you lose your belly diet so working these keywords to your channel and again these are very trendy if you look at the results here we’ll see we’re we at edit somewhere dammit where we go so here no anyway Google Trends ok so it’s working some of those keto diet let’s add that in this is like the hot one right now for sure you can see here that the Paleo has been a pretty Palio’s actually it’s on the decline but you can see her over 12 months move this out to five years Paleo was hot in like 2011 but it actually stuck around pretty long you still have some good search search volume here you can see though that now people are jumping over this keto diet so it’s very very trendy now again this is a great way to compare the slopes here to see what it might see how there’s sealers of negative momentum and positive momentum obviously you’re gonna want to be on the on the diet that has that positive momentum obviously it’s very generic to say that now but you know hindsight is 20/20 but even though the 12 month of growth 12 month growth period here you can see that there’s definitely very insurance so if you want to jump in ‘s a great way to start with this particular topic as far as diet so in my opinion these are all going to be hot in 2013 crypto gaming and diet just to make sure that you’re always ahead of the trend as far as that’s concerned alright guys so hopefully that wasn’t too generic I know I was just I was just going in vegan let’s check out people are staying vegan let’s check out the vegan diet imperative lis I’ll see your vegan see where that’s at vegan diet so vegan diet is it looks like it had a research of popularity let’s check it out though vegan diet seems to be pretty consistent so that’s a good thing it does look like it has a little bit of a spike it’s definitely an evergreen market for sure but as far as overall interest is concerned keto diet is just destroying both of these topics so just keep that in mind it doesn’t mean that you can’t make plenty of money or no offer either of these these are still like very profitable niche markets it’s just that this is where like the big hype is in this in the cycle here alright so let’s see here 2013 why people say die to die right 2013 somewhere there’s 2018 ok people are saying read it’s great for a marketing yeah I’m gonna do some reddit tutorials tomorrow for that I have one up queued up for tomorrow actually all right so you got anyone have any questions here hopefully I’m this is just good some good food for thought obviously you’re gonna have to jump in and use your own like brain power to figure out some stuff if you guys have any questions in particular about anything I talked about here today or good starting for it also of course blogging is always a good way to enter in especially evergreen wise regardless of the top pick blogging has always been a good go to way to go about it so lagging out pretty bad here hold up hold up guys I’m lagging big time see let me just clear out some windows I think I’ve just like beat my computer to death here let me just clean it clean some some stuff out so guys does anyone have any questions in particular about ending these and in these topics or how to the marketing tactics behind how to tap in I’m happy to to give some answers here assuming my computer doesn’t like literally just crash on me because everything is frozen right now just clearing up what do I have to have throw some video software running or something all right Bing ads PPC is good for for sure to some of this Taco Bell diet untapped market I like that idea digestive disorder says what about Alcorn affiliate programs check them out man let’s check always use offer vault you’d find some good that’s always a good like aggregate source of information as far as as far as finding the hot the hot affiliate offers so really literally every affiliate offers pretty much gonna be there there are exceptions of course is always good there are always some things that don’t list there but I recommend you check that out as far as tapping in tapping into that alright say let’s see here some inner someone’s asking how to okay more real saying can I make at least two thousand dollars in my first month with tube tycoon legally I can’t promise you any any specifics right legally I can’t promise you specific results honestly if that’s like your if that’s what you’re thinking it’s not really I that’s not that’s not really all my business with entrepreneur mindset obviously like it’s possible to make money the first month but if you’re if your frame of reference is one month you’re in trouble you’re in trouble just in any anything dalinda dalinda says to tycoon if you can afford it they’re both awesome Thank You Delinda let’s see here how about Clickbank no website as an affiliate I recommend you always have your own website it just gives you that long that that longevity that you need make sure my audio is good yeah as far as that’s concerned you definitely want to build a website if you don’t know how to do that get my deadbeat super affiliate program the link to that is below somewhere this even to this day I get testimonials constantly for people new testaments all people making results like trinity just added her she’s making about a hundred four hundred dollars a month with my deadbeat super affiliate program all these are all recent testimonials people make it six figures a year this is all my deadbeat super facebook page by the way it’s facebook. com slash deadbeat super affiliate people send me testimonies literally all the time for this particular program so that’s my deadbeat super affiliate program like Ray deck here I think he was making something like was eight thousand six thousand a month or something like that just from my deadbeat super inflate system Eric stone hit a thousand dollars in one day that’s awesome so I get this is a huge wall results people add the ad in testimonials all the time that’s where my dad beats uber affiliate system so what that shows you is how to enter into some of the markets that I talked about here today with through blogging and affiliate marketing so it’s a great place to start for all of you kind of new to the program new to internet marketing and all that awesome way to start also my tube tycoon is a bit is a level up show you how to tap into the three markets I mentioned today that’s tube tycoon com it’s all with alright spooky boosters I love the blogging system Thank You spooky blue spooky spooky boo appreciate that how many niches should you start as a beginner I recommend you start with two or three to kind of get I call it I call it throwing darts on the dartboard what I mean by that is as a beginner you’re like off the top my head I can pretty much look at a niche and tell you when it’s profitable so as a beginner its heart you’re not good because you haven’t thrown darts on the dartboard you’re not really going to know the type of profitable niches although in my programs I do I do look kind of list off a lot of the top niche markets out there for it for you you have to start throwing darts out there so realistically it’s good to diversify a little bit your first couple months to see which topic sticks which doesn’t so I recommend then look at the ones that are working for you and then start honing down honing down so from my experience you can real listicle II do focus on two campaigns at once if you really want to see results okay I need some use of my chopstick here all right and like enlightenment says how many affiliate offers should you promote per page personally I only do one at a time I want to do one of the time that’s that that’s work best for me Jen Jen ever says thank you I just started your debt beat super affiliate system awesome Jen it’s good it’s a good sir great starting point especially for beginners out there let’s see here a little rough today guys Chris Andre says if the deadbeats uber affiliate program still relevant today yes absolutely windows again what’s up man it says windows against this man I tell you thanks to Dan made my first thousand dollars in my first week in almost three thousand in my first first month so so something was asking is it possible to make two thousand your first month we windows again obviously like that people have done it people have done it now legally I can’t promise you the same results but people have taken my programs and windows again says he made a thousand his first weekend and three almost three thousand in his first month with I believe that’s my dad beats super affiliate system if I’m not mistaken so that one’s been a that one’s been around a little bit a little bit longer so that it’s got still have results like I just have my first student it was like a week ago make twenty dollars a day with one video I’ve gettin people making their first sales with tube tycoon also so that’s a newer program as far as where internet marketing scam it’s definitely so is is the way to go here’s a great question Gerry hem Phil says how do you do for diet stuff if you’re fat so this is a perfect opportunity for you to jump in and say alright guys look I’m I am interested in the keto diet for example I want to lose weight so what I’m gonna do in this video is I’m gonna start dying on I’m gonna start making a living case study like a first person case study of how the keto diets working for with me so video one Here I am I am currently you know fifty pounds overweight my goal over the next week or two weeks is to lose five pounds which using the keto diets so we’re gonna start off today video one here we are so here are some of the things that I’m doing alright so you can make your video like that alright so you don’t have to be an expert so to speak you’re gonna do a little bit of initial learning and do like a follow along case study like a real time testimonial ok spooky boos says is it wise to put google ads and affiliate links on the dead beats uber blade or tube tycoon system so I usually don’t do them concurrently or simultaneously I usually just focus on affiliate offers to be 100% honest with you guys I’d rather I prefer focus rather than scattered ads that’s here Windows CE here so links to both my programs below guys everyone’s asking Pat says ebooks and PDFs any advice yeah five five page ebook is about all you want to do anything more than that doesn’t get consumed that’s from my experience some people give away like hundred page ebook side I don’t like those how do you feel about Power. Point videos for they’re they’re super powerful that’s Tyler Bryant dude get my debt and get my tube tycoon system it’s all about that obviously if you want to do it in person I’ve strategies for that as well but Power. Point videos from my experience man I need water bad mmm too much coffee Power. Point videos from my experience work just as well as in personal videos I like in person videos now though they’re easier to do kind of like off the cuff if you haven’t noticed the reddit rabbit says hey damn my mom has 25,000 Instagram followers in the home interior niche do we have any earning potential with that audience I’ve not worked in that market personally so I can’t tell you for sure but really it home there are home interior decorators a job so people make money off of it so anything that’s related the money can be powerful Jerry MPhil says do you have a Facebook page for every product not necessarily now this is there’s necessarily uh but obviously the more exposure you have better potent cotton said potent content says reddit or Cora both of them are super powerful super powerful no real choses the video making part in that beat super affiliate system necessary to make sales no no real dude though you’ve been asking questions for a long time man like why don’t you should just by this point I mean I can tell that you’re still kind of on the sidelines do like just get off the sidelines and start producing like these questions don’t need to be asked it’s it should be just going follow the system and start pumping out content just to you know like cuz I can tell you’ve been here asking questions ever never getting for the past two weeks I’m not hating on you I know what’s happening though I know you’re kind of just like oh like just start just go in there with a freaking hammer and start hammering and stuff out you leave you should have been little to answer your question already by doing that okay what are your thoughts on content creating as a starter in the world of niches I’m not sure I understand that question Nathan ecology says I got your system and made my first 50 dollars this month that’s awesome Nathan Thank You Nathan is that the tube tycoon system or or dead meat super affiliate system Nathan collude II awesome do congrats you that’s awesome $50 is a good there’s always like one it’s like the first initial milestone it’s like first sale fifty to one hundred dollars five hundred thousand dollars a month so Nathan did that just off my deadbeat super affiliate system man really going to work on this no real says I’ve been working for a month and I haven’t seen that much results didn’t you say you got you made $45 so far dude like that for your first month that’s good your you got to shift your mindset man it’s gonna take you longer to like building a business is not oh you know what you can make in your first month now it’s obviously it’s obviously possible but you need I think you need to harden up a little bit harden up your mentality a little bit extend your instant your need for instant gratification out there farther it’s just my opinion but you made $45 your first month dude like that’s pretty good don’t like don’t get down on yourself it took me three weeks to get my make my first 53 cents so you’re doing good man okay last question be doing selling digital books on ebooks Pat okay so ebooks are Kindle ebooks are are profitable I have a friend that does really well with that you there’s strategies to it I don’t I don’t I have a couple tutorials here on my channel about that but not too much so it’s a good business model whoops lost myself here Kindle ebooks it’s a great business model and there’s just you got it’s gonna take you some experience just like anything else all right let’s give out some money keep this a short live stream so everyone just typed we’re gonna keep it simple here potent content BJ man hey I remember you is that potent content does BJ men that’s cool dude I remember you that’s funny let’s sing about $100 away here today let’s start with 50 bucks dang 100 200 to almost 200 people on today all right so let’s start it off let’s start it off $50 I got a lot of people on so let’s do we’re doing $100 giveaway today I’m gonna pick two people right now off this this one just type in tube tycoon I’m gonna pick people randomly and you got 20 seconds to give me your Pay.

Pal account after I call the winner Brian rice does a spray trafford really the way for the app for the beginner I recommend free traffic because in order to pull off pay traffic you need to have a huge business on the back end so my goal for all beginners out there start getting you to make sales free traffic is the best way to do that for the flat out beginner in my opinion all right pay traffic is too much for beginners it takes you need to you need to spend like oh it’s not a long time building up your business back there alright so here we go winner number one BAM we got Greg Clark winner number one hit me up with your Pay.Pal what so that’s Greg Clark let me just take a screenshot of that and we got a Greg Clark need your Pay. Pal and we have boom Rudolph Rudolph white so Greg Clark and Rudolph white both winners I need you guys Pay. Pal cash account right away so that’s Greg Clark and Rudolph white Congrats you guys you both won 25 bucks all right let me see I need that Pay. Pal though you guys got 25 seconds to put that Pay. Pal address in there so 25 need it ASAP if it doesn’t go through just change dot to dot the word dot with the parentheses all right Rudolph white got you Greg Clark need your Pay.

Pal address Greg Clark I see you there need the Pay.Pal address windows again I don’t hate you man all right I got I got you Rudolph I need Greg Clark Greg you got 15 seconds if I don’t see the Pay. Pal address in 15 seconds I’m moving on I’m going to pick someone else thirteen twelve eleven ten nine eight seven six but Greg yeah five seconds man put that Pay. Pal address in there or move on to the next winner it’s Greg white a great Clark I saw you commented something but where’s the email all right we’re moving on moving on pick one more then does anyone else does anyone see his email in there cuz I don’t okay well that was part of the rules you got to do it within 20 seconds so I can’t be like a minute it’s there earlier you see I don’t see it does anyone else see it alright times up man times up got to pick the next person that was part of the rules all right so you got 20 seconds to claim it 20 seconds a claimant the next person all right all right here we go boom Adam Haley Adam Haley the winner you got 20 20 seconds Adam Haley just one so we have Rudolph white and Adam Haley so need your paypal Jess you got 20 seconds 20 19 18 17 16 15 14 13 12 Adam Haley need that Pay. Pal you got 10 seconds 10 seconds look see Adams falling off the ball to here it’s money up for grabs people ain’t claiming it all right I’m gonna move on I’m moving on if you don’t pose like guys I don’t see it so I’m moving on to the next person you got five seconds Adam five four three two one zero all right next person man people are off get that Pay. Pal dress ready guys all right we got two people that could have won but they didn’t have their pay pay pallet address all right here we go next person moving on ready BAM uh oh we got cyborg Photoshop videos cyborgs Photoshop videos so sabor what’s your pay pal Congrats have you won before I think you’ve won before haven’t you that’s all right not today only one winner per day same winner can only win one per day so cyber Photoshop videos just one all right so I got it all right so finally someone listened there we go so all right Congrats okay so cyborg one let me just save this so I have this one side for my computer crashes here all right is anyone anyone have any other marketing questions we’ll give out some more money contest winner okay all right so cyborg Photoshop and it was Rudolf white for the winners there other guys it was didn’t respond fast enough the rules were that I have to respond within 20 seconds I gave you guys more so congrats to the winners we’ll do two more I will do two more all right so anyone else have any any any additional questions about internet internet marketing windows again what’s up man I have a questions but damn I don’t even know where your windows again what’s up dude do your affiliate websites keep their Google rankings after any big algorithm update well I’m naturally over time your site’s will slowly but surely lose their rankings but if you keep really if you keep reading good content and you focus on your your headlines your thumbnails all of that that will help your stuff stay out stay on there for a long time okay see windows again I haven’t forgot about you man so decide Burke says Dan I watched all your live streams never won so it’s this first time that’s awesome Adam Haley I’m sorry man I didn’t see your Pay.

Pal like it just didn’t come up so I don’t know what was up with that if you posted it posted again I’ll give it to you post it if it how many websites do you currently run I have a bunch right now I’m focusing only like two or three well like two to three as well my main focus on right now W James writes as I’ve ever used online classifieds to promote affiliate programs I know people that do I’ve not though so it’s worth a shot how can you get start with $0 Tasha Smith says how can you get started with $0 ‘s a great way to start just user you know you have to focus on using your creativity your focus on using your creativity that’s like the creativity is better than money oh man a lot of questions coming in do you use Wix , I do I do some use Wix calm for pbn sites do you really need a web host yes yes I recommend that it gives you it gives you control you need it you can you can you can you can you can try to make do without it’s not worth it let’s see here do big brands listen to you when you ask them for an affiliate program for I’m just starting out yeah look if you have an audience people are willing to work with you so build up your audience first for those of you that like all I can’t get approve in the Amazon just you you need to build up an audience first gen ever says diversify I get money from a bunch of different sites so it’s different strategy use some people like to diversify some like to focus I mean I know what it is what do you think about online marketing for local businesses powerful powerful for sure that’s a great way to that’s not my forte but there are people crushing it with that it’s teaching Word.Press a good niche yes there’s a lot of stuff you can sell you can sell web hosting you can sell plugins premium plugins premium themes definitely lead with lead with a blog that’s their two primary ways to get traffic there what do you think about buying ecommerce ecommerce is great way to go I personally don’t really do it that much but a lot of people make a lot of there are a lot of different ways to make money mostly just focus with the key is to learn how to sell stuff to get traffic CAD calaveras is I just started the dead beat program wondering when I shouldn’t make it videos should I recycle the same content yes you can do that just use like different style of videos different backgrounds change up the content it’s a great way to do it no real says he wants to make a million dollars his first month that’s crazy man is the sports sock Renisha good Aneesh you’re gonna that’s a tough question there’s not many you might be able to sell like a soccer training programs if you want to niche it down that might have to rely more on ad Adsense income in ads Chris Andre says the deadbeat super affiliate system involved building the expense pp ends I do teach to how to do that for free you’re gonna want to rest a little bit of money into that if you really they’ll give you an advantage you don’t need to by any means but PB ends are a powerful way to to do it windows against us Daniel I looked tired yeah I’m on the 30 day video challenge so it’s really like during him here it’s Payoneer accepted for receiving payments for a MOOC affiliate if you’re outside the US Eric I’m not a big fan of Payoneer for me it’s been a lot of hurdles for them but some people have success so just personally I don’t use them anymore some people some people to do some people have success with it Aaron says what do I think about buying a ripple coin I’m not really much of a Bitcoin fan to be honest with you like I have small amounts of money in it different Kryptos but it’s it’s not it just really just for like learning purposes I don’t really believe it’s a good investment I don’t investment in speculative and speculation are different I’m more of an investor that’s a speculator doesn’t mean you can’t make money off of it though no real says I love your stuff I don’t know if I’m doing things wrong for $45 I’ve only made $45 in four months so how much how many videos have you made how much content have you made are you adapting what what is your output is the question seedy says ripple doubled in the last few weeks yeah I don’t really care about that because you know like hindsight is 2020 year you the the key to building the the key to building wealth doesn’t happen overnight doesn’t happen overnight for sure today you could have just easily lost that do you still need a website or a landing page okay to start with then yeah you can you can do it just a landing page squeeze page so to speak but yeah I prefer you guys to make affiliate sites at each out and that beats super affiliate in my dad beats super affiliate program Nick Benny Bing Hamm says what affiliate programs you like the most I like CJ has it CJ comm is a lot of good affiliate programs in it right now that’s like one of my favorites how many articles are ideal for a website 10 1000 word articles can get you a long way no real says one okay no real dude like you only have one video so you like that’s that’s a very little output man you’re good like that’s nothing one video so like no fish dude scale that up if your first video made you $45 like start honing that in dude you’re your output is you’re you’re in the bare minimum mindset it should you should have a hundred videos by now Jack jackal Jaclyn Hall says thank you just got the program that’s do you mean debute super for later tube tycoon either one it’s great to start dead meat super affiliates proven I get testimonials all the time from that tube tycoon is all about for those of you wondering in my opinion is kind of video marketing as the way things are going as far as if you want to get ahead of the trends is where it’s at and the good thing about that a lot of people think you have to appear on camera you don’t you don’t have to appear on camera if you don’t want to in fact a lot of my affiliate niche channels I don’t appear in at all so that’s tube tycoon that beats super affiliate system is still a great place to start though for those of you on a budget both of the links for those are below that’s anyone watching this outside of that’s deadbeat super affiliate dot com or that’s for my deadbeat super affiliate system or tube tycoon calm that’s tube tycoon calm blue checker says he’s camera shy yeah don’t worry I don’t know if you’re male or female from the name yeah it doesn’t matter you don’t have to appear on camera if you don’t want to what niche are you working on right now the health niches are all always my focus because they’re evergreen as heck so that’s the answer to that health niches and my deadbeat super affiliate channel how do you starting to Amazon FBA business I don’t teach up right now but I am going to branch out to that soon why don’t I recommend Adsense when starting a website because Adsense is really just chump change money in my opinion as far as what you can make windows again says dude I’m grump Mc. Gruff says I have a face for radio that’s funny I have a face for radio Pat says dan do you know any guys killing in the digital book sales space yes yes there is no the way it’s always like the grass is greener on the other side there is no best there is no best way to make money in my opinion this is about what you focus on Matthew this is a good question Matthew Davies Davis says do I focus on all A’s in high school or affiliate marketing so that’s up to you dude like personally I you know maybe some people are better off being students and employees personally I believe College teaches you to be an employee usually entrepreneurs aren’t straight a students so but that doesn’t mean you can’t be an entrepreneur if your straight a student it’s just that’s the decision you have to make for yourself basically ask yourself what do you want to do for the rest of your life if you want to be an employee if you want that and there’s nothing wrong with that like in fact that in my opinion that’s probably the smarter way to go in the sense that you’re gonna be able to it takes a lot of mental energy to be an entrepreneur as then you have to constantly think of the next place to go you wake up every day like alright now I have to think about how am I gonna make money today so there’s a you get a little bit of mental piece in my opinion if you’re go to the employer employee route but as an employee there’s only so far that you can go in my opinion you’re always you get what you’re given so that doesn’t mean that’s the wrong thing to do but I personally for me I always wanted to earn more I always wanted to be in charge of my own of my destiny destiny and achieve more than the average person and I figured the only way to do that was on my own so that’s my opinion it depends on what type of person you are Shane Anderson says good advice I have two degrees and Here I am yeah it’s you do you know in the end you’re learning stuff like knowledge is power for sure so just because you know it’s up to you man it’s up to you have something I can’t really tell you we can’t really tell you what to do with your life oh you mocking des Oh a mock Kenda says how can I sell market health products get my deadbeat super affiliate system did that that’s a good way to start Eric says what do you think about buying websites already set up and running so this can be this can be good this can be bad it depends so yeah that’s a tough question for you man I’m if you know what you’re doing if you know how to analyze traffic if you know how to look at affiliate offers and looking at someone’s like I I can look at I’ve gone through flippa. com you can buy existing sites and nine times out of ten when I analyze the site I know they’re doing shady stuff like they’re inflating their traffic they’re incorporating sales from other affiliate offers that they promote I’ve got an eye for that so I can tell if you’re a beginner I recommend that you learn the ropes learn how to build an affiliate site step by step learn how to analyze traffic learn how to see you know what try how long you’ll learn over time doing it in the trenches like how valuable traffic is certain sources are how long that can typically last for et cetera like a lot of times on Flippa what you’ll see are sites where someone has done a product launch and there’ll be a big spike of money like the first two or three months so it’ll look great from the outside look it just it’s freaking taking off it’s gonna be like this forever but I know like based off that looking at the traffic sources up my moon a lot of direct traffic that means that it’s coming from email it’s either coming from email or it’s coming from some kind of paid source so I look at the traffic stats on my art so it’s clear to me that this a lot of this traffic here is coming from email and that means that it’s either a product long or they’re paying for solo ad traffic or they’re doing something to get this traffic come in and make it look like the site’s really doing really well but I know that as soon but in my head I’m like but I bet as soon as I buy this site they’re gonna cut off that traffic I’m gonna be left with a dead site so you need to have to know how to analyze that and that comes with experience how to tell this so as a beginner I’m gonna say that that yeah that’s just my my advice for you natural way says it’s a good feeling but I also spent 15 years working my balls off and don’t have anything to show for it I stayed home I’m working he says stayed home whacking off eating Cheetos okay that’s a that definitely won’t make you any money that’s funny there’s a does Mark health still work health the way it works is health any health topic is profitable people spend money for health it’s proven so it doesn’t matter what network you go with no real says my website looks amazing though and you saying all I need to do is drive more traffic yes you can just need more traffic man see here what are the worst niches for the good thing about is there are a lot of profit or more profitable markets out there the the mark is that I recommend people to stay away from and that is just based off of the my guess is the average person doesn’t want to be doing that logan paul style like going out there making a fool of yourself type stuff i’m gonna bet that most people are to try to do that so i recommend you stay away from those entertainment based niche markets oh my god mmm hate dry mouth and don’t get me wrong you can make a boatload of money in those topics but educational style stuff is typically a little easier to make money from jaesi boy says I’ve been I’ve been doing it Amazon affiliate marketing and drop shipping for almost nine months doing Facebook ads and I know Facebook $100 maybe and maybe I’m not made for this well you just got us you got to skill up more you got to focus more I think you might be dabbling a little bit too much in my opinion no man all right guys let’s go about some more money I’m gonna log off and didn’t tire let’s give some money 50 do 50 more bucks question will be how long did it take me to make my first affiliate sale so how long I’ve said this a few times but I’m picking two winners for this question how long did it take me to make my first affiliate sale soon this is a looked higher and higher today this three this uh this 30 day video I’m trying to do a 30 day video challenge it is killing me it’s killing me which is a video day all right see here all right yeah court you got Kourtney Bay Vibram so we got Kourtney barroom wins and Steven tramp oh wait no we got someone above him freckle face doodles Steven sorry about that I just like fun dang all right Stevie I’m gonna give you the money so just called your name oh no you said three months so you were wrong it’s three weeks answers three weeks so Steven you said three months you’re actually wrong with that thick freckled face doodles wins wins and Kourtney by room wins Steven tramp you said three months sorry man so Courtney by room and freckle faced doodles I need your paypal with within within 20 seconds here so Courtney by room and freckle faced need that Pay. Pal you guys have got 20 seconds so we move on to the next person Courtney need those Pay. Pal’s I don’t see anything all right Courtney all right Courtney and all right gotcha all right someone’s listening here so Courtney got you and freckle faced doodles got you all right guys so they’ll be in for the cash today if anyone has any final questions about anything affiliate marketing related or deadbeat super affiliate or tube tycoon any of that stuff and he had stuff or I got you guys I got you freckle I see you Alex fuller says he made force affiliate sites today awesome dude you’re on a freaking roll why don’t I recommend ads Google Adsense for new sites because it just pays pennies you really can’t make me can’t scale that up see here what is the best way to get free traffic I think video marketing for sure is the best way to do it now with that said I’m gonna talk about this in the future you’re gonna have to start tapping into other other social networks like Instagram Facebook Facebook live all these are great ways to get excuse me traffic email marketing all this stuff so the way the Internet’s going is it’s it’s it’s certain to diversify out on different platforms and you have to learn how to tap into those core is another great way to do it reddit’s another great way to do it well I have some tutorials on reddit I’m releasing tomorrow by the way will White House White House says tube tycoon rocks thanks dude so will White House is a tube tycoon student appreciate you Chris Andre says I got tube tycoon I thought I’d get deadbeat as well for completeness is the up stealth so I think he’s talking about traffic blaster yes so a good program you can use that for both potent cotton content says how long will debute super affiliate be up and running for a while is it worth it to make a makeup course to sell yeah definitely sell both sell both physical and physical and digital you talk more about reddit yes tomorrow I’m actually releasing a tutorial tomorrow for that Daniela Ronnie says how much is is tube tycoon Daniels the site’s below its tube tycoon com check that out buffalo shark resellers has been on been on tube tycoon for two days straight that’s awesome man stick with it Justin Spiegel says a 10 I used the $25 I won from here to get a professional voice over for whiteboard video awesome dude that’s a good way to put the money to good to good work how about Google Adwords um I have not I have not learned that yet although I am starting a Google Ad.

Words campaign at some time this week I’ve tinkered around with it but now I’m gonna start I think I finally got it finally got it Kevin hook Kevin Horne what’s up man how you doing good to see you onboard cab online live Kevin Manila Manolo says for a brand new niche where when you post for first definitely wouldn’t the great my own blog so I teach that and deadbeat super affiliate and create a channel the great thing about that is both of those a versatile both of those those are first I’ll to those traffic sources are very versatile depending regardless of your your niche market windows again says Dan I have a question when you’re gonna talk to me practically I want to show you some real numbers I made because of you windows reach out to me on Facebook some of you a message in my personal facebook my my deadbeat super affiliate facebook page just gets overwhelmed I can’t keep up with it anymore Samantha says tube tycoon has really helped me clean up my videos and help me distribute them on social medias much better as well awesome that’s good now I have to figure out a sell stuff you have next step figuring out Bobby says my first site still making money my first sites I made a long time ago I’d say one of the one of the ones I focus on has been around for quite a while that’s that still makes money the first one was I made I deleted those I didn’t delete him I just let it mix bars the first affiliate sites were spyware removal I found that was kind of a choosing a cheesy market sells like a that payday loans I did that I found that they were just kind of not they were just kind of dirty after I learned more about them so I was like re I’m just gonna leave these alone how many websites what I need turn at least three to four thousand a month you can do it with one potentially it’s totally potentially possible do it with one affiliate site so it’s just really more about how much traffic do you need and what type of offers one wishbone says you always use an intro now chart for your affiliate videos you don’t have to no you don’t have to it helps so this is a good question eric says marketing products above $1000 is that a good idea yes you can do that it takes a little bit more work takes a little bit more work but it can be profitable alright guys think I’m gonna end up end it off for today so imma give out the cash pay out the cash end of the night tonight thanks Ramona coming out if you’re interested to get my any of my systems and my programs it’s dead beat super affiliate calm link below you know and tube tycoon which is all about making my own which I think in my opinion from my experience video marketing is totally the way of the future learn how to do that in tube tycoon comm link link below I got our guys manalo says I have your court I have your course perfect thanks awesome alright guys so I’m gonna go to bed I need to nap I’ve been working way too hard this I’m trying to do a 30 day video challenge it is just I think this is gonna be a last one I do 30 day video challenge like this is so so much work alright guys so I like I’m working like 2 to 3 hours a day now I can’t handle it killing me alright W so with that said thanks for coming out hope you guys enjoyed this video if you did make sure you subscribe hit the bell icon also share this video with your friends comment below and if you guys need anything just reach out for me comment on this video I’m happy to help my name is Dan Brock the debt beat super affiliate now see you deadbeats later..

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