Strategy Behind Tez Scratch Cards Video

Lotto Scratch Cards

It’s an explanation about how scratch cards generated and how they’ll get distributed to our accounts.

hello friends today’s my topic is strategy behind tell scratchcards there is application it becoming one of the most popular app of 2017 and also it is the first application using you pay bank transactions or transferring money from one time to another bank why this became that much popular Google into making cashless India so that’s why Google started to give away free money in the way of scratch cards and also to promote this application this became a wider app of 2017 on all over India not only because of transactions because of scratch cards speedroid after completion of every transaction we have weekly files patch cards having anything to get more money or more scratch cards oh come on guys it was created by Google so we have no breaks no cheese so now let’s go to topic it is our strategy behind tell scratch bars sometimes we get money sometimes we get better luck next time so anyone think about that while I did after mutts away and enquiry I got finally explanation about the strategy behind the scratchcards money cuts and better luck odds are pre arranged in database by Google in serial or sequence aluminum for example nine metalic odds are one or two money cuts may be more also so here’s a example like that after five transactions you need five cards if you have luck you will get money that means one of your transaction gone through money calm here’s the example otherwise you will get all better luck cards so it means no one chord is gone through money card it will be like this so that’s all please don’t be like a scapegoat and don’t follow the funny or foolish tricks this is fully based on luck only it have no tips and no tricks it is only test hope you got that point please like it and subscribe.


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