South Carolina Education Lottery $10 Scratch Cards Looking For The Big Win ! Video

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Trying some scratch cards today, hoping for the BIG one! South Carolina has been pretty good lately, so hopefully I will win some money! for watching and be sure to

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hey everybody welcome to let me share a thought with you today we’re doing some $10 South Carolina scratch off tickets we got the grand reserve with a grand prize of $200,000 several different symbols that you can get to win extra prizes and then of course you get your match numbers so hopefully South Carolina is going to be a good good ticket for us today and then the other one we did is money mania again you can see the different symbols for the instant wins your numbers for the match numbers top prize $200,000 so hopefully today will be the day and I’ll get to scratch a big one I’ll be right back and we’ll get started all right so we’re gonna start off today with the money mania $10 South Carolina scratch off first number is number nine number 29 38 20 and number two I’ve done a few videos recently with the North Carolina and it seems like a break even every time I’m scenarios I decided to go down south and pick up a few and play have a little better video for you today so nothing so far 23:56 3322 three and one so we’re not starting off great but neat ticket anyway money mania here is ticket number two let’s get one 31:16 number one thirty and thirty seven thirty three 1724 thirty five twenty eight to twenty six and twenty one side man two in a row nothing happening yet so let’s do our third and final money mania ticket and hopefully this is the one nine twenty six twenty twenty two and thirty nine right so start off with the winner first get around five dollars on number twenty twenty dollars on this ticket and thirty so all right so we got twenty dollars it has a thirty so having a North Carolina day with the care of the South Carolina tickets so let’s type these grand reserve tickets will be a little better all right so start off with the numbers seventeen number one number twenty three fourteen final winner is 34 fifty five chain 7 over 3 over 9 2016 30 8 well 8 28 30 and 32 so the first $10 grand reserve is a bust let’s go to the number two I don’t know if this works as well in north to south carolina but if you can make this out right here you can see the white line you want across the top of this ticket so that hopefully it’ll bring us some good luck all right let’s see we get here 1323 number 332 and number 4 get set a number 38 30:12 26 21 number 9 17 fine there’s a woman $25 sweet sixteen nineteen eleven thirty mmm twenty fourteen thirty seven twenty eight twenty five thirty nine and fourteen so twenty five out of twenty on these so far so hopefully this will be the the big one it was a little bitch today alright I’ll see what we get I’m gonna be doing a video upcoming on the North Carolina twenty dollar scratch off tickets so hopefully cuz I someone told me if you’re gonna win big in North Carolina you gotta play the twenty dollar tickets so we’re gonna give it a shot and hopefully we’ll have a good video for you alright so nothing so far you guys have any tricks or tips or anything you’d like to share I’d love to hear from you sure to leave us a comment in the comment section below and hit the like button if you enjoy watching these videos and let us know what you think so man like to be saying that while I’m winning something big but not so much today let’s see what we got here number chance there’s nothing on the last ticket so ended up down about 25 dollars on these so Wow well thanks for stopping by and thanks for watching and we’ll see you next time.


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