Simon Cowell Sends Heartfelt Message To Pete Wicks For Saving Dogs From South Korean Meat Farm Video

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now for more! rescue mission to save thousands of dogs from the dinner tables in South Korea has been praised by music mogul Simon Cowell. Simons message of support came after Good Morning Britain and Pete Wicks a dog meat farm in South Korea with a team from the Humane Society International. This amazing group rescued 170 dogs who were destined for the Are you interested in homing any of these adorable dogs? If so, then contact the All Dogs Matter Re-homing charity here: on follow and to Good Morning Britain!

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that’s been an amazing moment to see them come back in that way yeah we’ve been waiting for it for a long time I mean last time we saw these dogs they were in such appalling condition so dog meat farm is just such a miserable place and they physically weren’t doing too well either so to see them looking so bright and confident others not doing so well but they will given time and love and care they’ll be fine what was it like for you P it’s possibly one of the most harrowing and full make things I’ve ever done certainly but obviously seeing Adam come back like this considering last time I seen he was in a rusty cage it’s just honestly it’s the best feeling it just got to decide what what brilliant dogs they are with I mean an interesting thing as well as Pitt was saying in in the report that these dogs that were in such performer types of conditions and horrific conditions still so docile they’re still so loving and you can see Adam there he’s just enjoying himself now enjoying the attention that doesn’t seem to be affected P no I mean to be fair Adam stayed with me last night did he I babysat last night so AM cigar DS first bath this morning so yeah he’s loving life for the meaning despitefully he’s been through him and he’s gonna make a wonderful companion for someone now you said some aren’t doing so well is that physical problems they sustained when they were in their conditions or is it what we might call emotional problems they’re more emotional I mean we heard from our UK director Claire bass this morning she’s adopted a golden retriever called Henry and he’s I guess you would say depressed it’s it’s a lot to take in he’s seeing new kind of sights and sounds and people and experiences and he’s kind of a bit overloaded at the moment and they’d be worried what’s going to happen because we don’t know if they’ve seen dogs leave that farm and never come back and being yanked out of their cage you know very roughly so they are scared but it’s really amazing what a bit of love and tenderness can do mmm the conditions are unbearable to think about but we have them back now and these dogs Wendy how long do you think we’ll be it will be before they can start looking for new homes right now I mean our partner shelter all dogs matter has had a lot of inquiries we’ve got to match them with the right family we won’t be looking for families with young children or with hats but you know we want to have a nice settled family some of these dogs are going to make wonderful wonderful family companions I’m totally confident and not just that but also really wonderful ambassadors for our campaign and the dog meat trade a pip our correspondent is in the studio as well she’s got the dog you got its bindi isn’t it last year yes have you got a mic on people I’m not sure what’s bindi been like for the last since you’ve had her when I first got her she was a completely different dog she would wet herself in fear to be honest now she’s growing in confidence and she’s happy but people have to win her trust not the other way around and she’s a smart little outfit on as well they may be dressed specially just for you bad for you that’s the important thing is some serious trauma Wendy which is why you have to connect the the owners or the new parents of the dog carefully with the dogs yeah absolutely I mean they need to learn that human beings can be kind not just cruel because they’ve seen a very bad side of people so far yeah well Simon Cowell has been very very moved by all of this and has been supporting the campaign and sent us or really pip this special message happy new year everyone I’ve just found out how many dogs you saved through the campaign you launched I want to say a big thank you to you guys a massive importance to all the views supported our campaign or your campaign happy new year and my little buddy wants to say something brilliant shall we’ve heard Eric talking sorry making either way thank you very much I’m sending that message and little Eric as well and many thank you he thank you for going along as well just reminds me of Santa little helper a dislike the dark yeah just a shape of him in little disease the way he is it just always pricked up what a gorgeous baby thank you so much and well done pip as well really fantastic stuff you.


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