Set For Life Challenge Lottery Scratch Card 10.00 Games. A Good Jackpot ? Video

Lotto Scratch Cards

The cash prize odds were still close to their previous games. We just wondered if these were a good bet or if most of the pay outs went to the top prize to only the lucky few, if not just a lucky one. Here goes, these pay 20,000. 00 a month for 25 years, Yikes, see how we did on all of our cards, we scratched close to fifty in several denominations. 🙂

they greetings Nevada arcade viewers that catch it we’ve got a trio of set for life we have never scratched these here is going to vet our kids Channel and I have read the directions and what we are looking for is the like symbol the life symbol means we get 20,000 a month for 25 years could you imagine $10 ticket we get the life symbol we will have 20,000 dollars in free giveaways to this channel how’s that and if we hit something else we might do justice might do just as much all right what we need to do is scratch off our winning numbers and we match any of those with what’s below and we either win the prize if we hit a dollar symbol we win that prize 20 times symbol you win 20 times that prize so basically what we’re looking for here is anything for the match a symbol all right let me take a second to figure on scratching a little I’m scratching a little low all right 12 and 13 not there again imagine bhana 10 dollar lottery ticket ended up with 20,000 a month for life all right nothing yet on the top column with to America 39 no 29 all right that’s in our wheelhouse 46 but unfortunately it’s just a little high for the heat nothing with a zero on the end once again hope everybody is doing well appreciate you following us here at the Nevada arcade channel a lot of you have written in and asked where we got the name Nevada arcade well as you can see if you’ve looked at any of our other videos we are actually opening arcades the newest one is in Pahrump Nevada which is about an hour northwest of Las Vegas we set these up for ourselves we set them up for good customers and we are distributors of equipment you ever wanted an arcade of your own we might be the answer all right lucky 13 did not help us sometimes we get real lucky with that 13 all right second row 31 movie ends ends on screen but no good all right we are halfway done with our three tickets and we are looking for anything at this point we there’s no the only real instant winner here apparently is the dollar signs don’t have any hot circles or anyway that Alright 37 that’s not 27 I think this ticket is fairly new we had not been to our our little California store and actually several weeks they’ve changed their hours and they were only open from 10:00 to 7:00 and we used to go out there first thing in the morning but the lady assured me they are back to regular hours they’ve got some more help elect 7 & 8 here whether that means anything and then find out lucky 15 no good we’re not trying to be greedy here we just would like a little hint of a little hint of a win 238 we had all three games on reason I recognize 38 is that was mild racecar number from way back when all right we are getting down to the final stretch 35 31 one more to go 30 guys we thought actually we’re feeling kind of lucky with these darn set for life tickets but no good today we’ll try them again next time maybe they’ll be do for us stay tuned we’ve got four or five hundred dollars worth of lottery tickets we’re going to scratch of an order here and to keep your interest we’re going to try and keep these things inside of about 10 minutes so guys if you haven’t subscribed we appreciate it we will see you next time Nevada arcade out.


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