Set For Life California State Lottery Scratch Card Challenge Video

Lotto Scratch Cards

We could be “Set For Life” at the end of this video of scratchers

hey guys maybe that arcade coming to you as our final video for this July 4th 2017 we’ve got 5 set or lifes these are the cards that pay you four thousand a month for 25 years now four thousand a month we hit one of these with the life symbol we will give all of our subscribers a chance at four thousand dollars that will be the giveaway if we hit one that has stea $10 set for life twenty thousand dollars will be up for grabs to our subscribers that are currently on our subscriber list but now would be the time to subscribe guys this actually goes for any top award that we who look at this there is a dollar symbol which means we have a winner anyways any top award we hit we will give a tremendous amount of money to the channel and if you are a subscriber prior to that part I think you are involved we welcome all subscribers three dollars that’s the first time we’ve ever gotten a three dollar winner on a two dollar card but hey 50% above what we started with so 28 33 and 1611 about that 7 eleven the big thing here in the vag 7 eleven ooh five times forgot about that five times whatever that number is down there it’ll carry it away 23 not 33 22 not 33 and no 10 okay you got a 5 times here guys it’s not 5 tickets either it is a dollar all right we went from three dollars we’ve got three dollars now we got five dollars that eight bucks almost got our money back for the five tickets 2022 33 and 27 women a double all closed double 33 there is a 33 and this is going to be cash nope ticket all right we got 10 bucks back already on three tickets so we are now we can only win at this point we’re break even stage so we’d like to see is that life sindelle to give you guys 4,000 bucks that would make my day 12 as a winner and 13 is a winner holy cow look at this 12 and 13 now if this keeps going we had a ticket yesterday 13 it’s going to keep going we had a ticket that was a stray which one it was it wasn’t this exactly of captioning it was a set for life $10 ticket all 20 squares one and we’re not talking dollars all right this yeah this is this whole tickets in the window twelve twelve twelve twelve well just like yesterday thirteen thirteen twelve and thirteen Wow all right let’s start it off the dollar I think they’re going to be dollars guys which is kind of exciting we did get what I think is going to be $10 and that’s one of these jumps out at us and it’s a hundred sign all right they’re all a dollar keep in mind this is only a two dollar ticket so we now have $20 back on these four tickets every one of the winner $20 bag on a $10 investment and the last ticket wouldn’t it be epic if this was the life symbol we wouldn’t even worry about those other tickets we just give those to the clerk all right 15 24 and 30 or 15 is a winner 15 is a winner I’m going to be amazed at this whole ticket oh okay 15 you winner let’s see if we get another one Wow first one we scratch seven another 15 Snickers so 24 is a winner all right we’ve got 24 and 215 let’s do the 24 first $1.00 anybody want to guess what these are mainly going to be all right we’ve got three bucks here $23 time exciting $23 back on five tickets that were a total purchase price of $10 so nothing wrong with that five tickets five winners $23 we will be buying some more tomorrow guys one thing in closing if there’s one video you watch tonight search on our channel it’s got to be in one of our playlists but you can search happy fourth of July 2017 it is an epic video so if you only watch one more be sure you watch that one guys appreciate everybody being here might be the time to subscribe the giveaways are coming we hit that top award of that arcade out. .

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