Secret Scratch Christmas Presents Lottery Scratch Card Day 4 Video

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Secret Scratch Christmas presents Lottery Scratch Card Day 4 – will this one win ? Please watch my 10 gold scratch card challenge video.

here we go with day number for going through my secret santa scratch cards so I haven’t actually bought these so if I lose I’m not really lost much to be there and and if I win it’d be a bit a bit of a Billy Bo’ness so we’re on to the second of my Christmas present scratch cards number 107 as you can see they’re very simple much free to win find a Christmas tree to win five pounds and here are the ones have done so far in the last few days going to go for these nice and quickly so 2005 and a 5,000 a five pound there so about 2 100 225 m m’s as a 200 as a 10 pound so this me when I need to see a hundred pounds down here or five pounds and it’s a 200 once again so sadly there we go on the Christmas present card number two no wins but come back tomorrow for day five when we’ve got another Christmas presents one so the number 108 and then day 6 we’re going to do number 109 and we’ve got to cool caches and a couple of the yellow one hundred thousand thousand pounds and clear come back then and please like and subscribe cheers guys.


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