Scratching Off Three $10 Instant Lottery Tickets Scratchcards Video

Lotto Scratch Cards

Playing instant lottery scratch off tickets and posting video of all results – winners and losers. It is always great to hear from you all! I can’t reply to all, but try to reply as much and often as possible.

I do not recommend playing the lottery for anything other than occasional entertainment. The odds of winning are bad and with very rare exception, the lottery is a very bad spend of your money.

Channel mission: To provide a realistic alternative to playing scratchcards so you can save your hard earned cash for better things.

everyone today we’re playing three different tickets these are $10 tickets once called diamonds and gold with the top prize of 500,000 and we had the jumbo bucks with a top prize of 2 million and then we have the 1 million cash with guess what that prize of a me first ticket looking for a 14 8 10 2016 it’s nice little profit there all right so the next one we’re looking for a 14 15 22 26 to 33 or a 5 alright nothing here okay so for something good on this one main cache here we’re looking for 31 18 17 713 or 32 nothing here well I don’t know we get half our money back so not the worst play in the world but hope for better luck next time appreciate you watching we’ll see you again soon thanks.


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