Scratching Every Scratch Off Lottery Ticket From My Local Store | $1-$3 Tickets Video

Lotto Scratch Cards

The odds of winning are bad and with very rare exception, the lottery is a very bad spend of your money.

Channel mission: To provide a realistic alternative to playing scratchcards so you can save your hard earned cash for better things.

everyone today we’re starting our new project to scratch every ticket that my favorite local store sells today we’re going to cover the $1 $2 and $3 tickets and you see we’ve got the auto bingo and crosswords here in the reigning fives tens 20s and 30s here so we’ll be covering those in separate videos so we’ll start with the ones we’ve got a double doubler this one we need to scratch all the prizes and see if we have three like prices and if we get three like prizes we win that prize and we scratch surprise level for a chance to double or even four times the prize okay yeah that’s a teaser I’m expecting the same the 2220 mm hmm and ten so nothing today with this there’s no point in scratching the prize level because zero times zero anything is zero alright so now we need to add up all three numbers for each game if it adds up to seven eleven or twenty one we win the prize shot six soup eight thirteen new three five alright nothing in this game so just so you know this my expectations are pretty low for this series that because the odds are pretty bad on the ones twos and threes but who knows alright so for this we’re just trying to match the winning number and win the prize for that or the auto win which looks like a stack of bills so we’re looking for a ten 6:15 so the winner here IRA switch over to the $2 tickets this is a number match game thousand dollars for a lot a thousand dollars a week for life is the grand prize for a and 1101 or five no winner there okay that’s good next one here money multiplier one up to $25,000 so it’s a number match game with a multiplier bonus by row number so we’re for a nine or 20 all right nothing on here and again no reason to do the multiplier if there are no winners alright so the pot of gold reveal a horseshoe when the prize Shawn reveal a pot of gold twin double the price shown just rain greatest star Apple big bang crown well it son or bow no horseshoe no pot of gold okay so money bags so here we’re looking for a money bag symbol or a double money bag symbol or a that’s for the bonus spot okay that’s so if we will get a stack of bills we get a $20 went automatically so we’re looking for a money bag or two money bags so I’m gonna rush boom boom safe well it fish key oh we win something it’s on the bag so we’re good five dollars it’s a profit on this one nice alright so let’s see if there’s anything in the bus but horseshoes that doesn’t help still we get a five dollar win there all right so I’m clear these off and now we’ll put the three dollars on in just a minute so we’re back to finish this video with d3 to our tickets so we get the stack of the $1 and $2 losers here and the one five dollar winner here so far so we’re start with a veteran’s cash it’s just a number match game and one hundred percent of all profits so it means any losing tickets the money is going to go to to the veterans versus 22 or an eight 22 another winner that’s uh it’s actually a very good winner for three hour take it so I start here Tom $15 winners so far all right Lotteria one of the fan favorites a lot of a lot of the viewers seem like this one based on the mexican board game it’s very similar to bingo where you put beans I’m going the card if you match up so for the color card will afford a tree no tree than a so umbrella we do have on the grill up so just scratch off to reveal the bean for a star I don’t see a star cactus cactus so we’re gonna need here is uh a row of four arrows neighbors mermaid I don’t see a mermaid a ladder we do have a letter hmm frog the world nothing there no fish we do have deer I don’t see a deer all right so we have one left it looks like the only winning chance we have right now is a rose for $3,000 so I know the odds that are pretty bad so it’s not likely rosebud and Rose would be nice rooster all right so it’s like this one’s a loser looks fine we do have a $10 winner and a $5 winner out of these so it’s a good start to the to this so look for the next video where we’re going to cover the five dollar five dollar cards.


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