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Lotto Scratch Cards

First video, Trying to magic myself a big win on some cards.

ok hello and this is my first video and saw somebody else on don’t scratch cards and I thought I have a go so we say hey look I am okay the cars I bought today is too quick cash cards so again two and two Ruby seconds these how these cards never any winners book let’s see proof my cell phone and five of the silver and gold at least take a while to look at but let’s try okay first one looking for a nine nothing so their regards a good start there we go five I’m nothing so two down okay maybe seven nothing nothing okay nothing oh my god saipan that shocked me okay so i’ve got one winner k so these now so let’s say it’s not looking good on the same nope slapping is no good mostly when I always can’t see you again oh no it’s looking like an on again nope third one one bottle gold on two gold bars one scale to moneybags one crown one chess one case one pound sign one will it two safes sendeth in there and you got two cards left now alright let’s see you again one pot of gold my gold pass two scales one money back two crowns two tests in good one case one on and two pound signs two wallets and two saves so last one man not very hopeful right Oh three pots of gold that’s two pound don’t know if you can add you in once on these let’s see no gold bars one to two scales moneybags we’ve got none crowns we’ve got non chests we’ve got 12 cases we’ve got to hand signs we’ve got to well it’s two safes too so there we go so got to pound in there five on there so I spent 15 pound I’ve got seven back so just got under half my money back and the look of the drawers in it with the cards um but anyway comment on my video if there’s any cards anybody wants me to to play or anything really just let me know thanks for watching and I’ll try to put some new videos up in the next couple of weeks bye.


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