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hello scratch I’ll leave here and welcome to my 250 subscribers special so for this episode we’ve got 20 pounds worth of scratch cards I’ve got a 10 pound Big Daddy five match free trip loose and 5 100 files and pound yellows start off with the one pan cards first we’ll start off with these ones zoom in a tad yep right to 100 to 20,000 555 thousands for 2010 nooope upper deck 5110 hundred thousand five thousand one thousand one hundred thousand fourteen hundred nothing dead next one 20 to 25 5010 10 15 305,000 nope no dymond X 1 to 10 file it left 1 2010 5 10 5 5 thousands and thousands hundreds thousands winner pound pound win there that’s one of these ones no no diamonds five thousand twenty thousand five 1500 thousands hundreds 5 53 10 nope match free triple his next hundred to 210 to those two pound their times once it’s a single to town win two pounds X 1 262 10 10 11 61’s pound x 1 so another power lip next 110 5060 10 1 10000 one double pounds tree in the road that and it’s x 1 so that’s another pound pound net two to ten thousand ten 110 thousand ten 110 that’s 40 a 210 pound win and it’s x 1 set 2 10 iran that won four in a row 10 10 10 that’s one of these lines now ten thousand ten thousand 336 62 260 no but for cards in a row over when it’s cooled down and next one is the Big Daddy so looking for the cross seat cross fingers simply nope nope and nope 20 20 to 22 23 24 26 nope looking for probably a Nike limo boat crown plane bag wallet diamonds stack nope 15 and 9 15 no 570 96 no holes champagne Yacht knows car necklace nope nothing on that one book we spent 20 and we got back 10 pound their pound their sats 11 pound their 12 to pound their 14 one pound fifty so we spent 20 you got 15 pound back so we’ve got a five pound loss hope you enjoyed the video thanks very much for all of you for subscribing to the channel let’s try and get 500 so we can get that full packed on subscribe buttons down here please give the video a thumbs up thanks for watching and goodbye.


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