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hi this is Paul from tower members and this is scratchcard carry on Wednesday okay so yesterday I said for every 500 lights I’ll get 10 pounds of scratch cards we basically nearly got to a thousand likes so I did the extra because you can’t you know I mean if it had been a hundred then yeah fair enough so thank you very much everyone you like the video if you want to see more videos the likes just they do help me oh because it makes if we do go out there more that’s what it is so yeah if you can do that I’ll be happy happy happy and subscribe if you’re not already as well and one more thing before we get started on these scratch cards the treasure hunt starts Sunday if you want to be with a treasure hunt I just put a video up this afternoon that has all the information about it the link is below damn buy your tickets they’re two pound fifty ticket and basically what you do is you get a chance to open this safe and it’s full of goodies as you’ve seen in the last two opening videos so yeah it’s a good price and yeah it’s only two pound fifty basically the price of the nearly a two pound scratch card via to power 15 links below done buy a ticket make sure you fill in the information form underneath by you ticket then fill in the information for please please please make sure you do that except wise it doesn’t make my life extremely hard on that anyway here we go let’s go here we go forty five quids worth of scratch cards yes so for a chicken dinner I wasn’t to do it live but after last night’s activity it didn’t come out that great so I weren’t happy about that really and a lot of people said it was blurry and some reason you’d come out in 720p but I can’t understand that I don’t really know what was going on there but I’m changing my internet anyway so I didn’t tttt tttt this digital to duty searching for a big chicken genome online is like underground I have seen some nice ones lately like and some like full double well not nearly full doubles and in like the prizes or a hundred quid I’m not seen over 100 quid yet but still nice wins in a hundred quid on a two pound scratch card or you can go and have a look at the Facebook page and they’re gonna cut someone’s win on one of them I’ll put the wind up last night massive great big win on one of them very very nice and lucky people good luck to what at was crap learning fathered him in a row nothing I say these seven to better shall we here we go listen to the streets crazy whatever happened to him did he steal a bell his name come from his name though yeah the streets were proper my teenage years old imagine didn’t even be needed in something here probably never heard of them oh don’t do this to me this comes out on a flopper I won’t be happy it’s not looking clever is it see one of them should have been a win it should be illegal hey better be times free it’s not as times won best be 70 grand to hell you just understand my grand right well not looking good these payouts need to pay out I want to see a full card with a couple of 10 pound thingies 14:22 no there’s a surprise 14:16 23:19 no 24 25 day 23 not good we’ve got 24 end all right it’s gonna be a 1000 22 24 nope well now these are nearly gone and I’ll never think it they swing off its that be no it’s this card there’s probably the last one of these are by this year so if we can get a full card little bit noise get a win shocking alright car and train it’s been 14 24 21 1527 316 to 1 6 watch the go and train nope nope no awful 45 pounds worth of scratch cards four quid back depressing in it it is depressing least I’m showing you what not to do don’t buy loads of scratch cards yeah and then what really they will say on that one smash that like button and it might be more than four quid yeah oh dear anyway the thumbs up the video sub buttons down below and I’ll see you all tomorrow and if you want to get in with the treasure hunt links below see you tomorrow terrible more that’s we’re on the right up to be caught honest with ya boy.


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