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hello again I’m looking at for $30 lottery tickets from the state of Illinois in sequence so one hundred and twenty dollars with the lottery tickets mention it before but I’ll say it again we’re playing this ticket because it has the best odds of any of the Illinois Lottery tickets don’t fool yourself these aren’t great odds and playing in the long term is probably a losing proposition but if you’re going to play for fun you might as well know what you’re getting into so my purpose here is to play these have a little fun but also track what happens and use my background statistics to help educate folks so that they can play with a little more knowledge about the game and play smarter and more responsible so let’s get started I’ve have it I tend to start with the bonus 2x usually not a good sign for me I haven’t seen many runners with the 2x if you break even tickets if this is the exception all right in game 1 these tickets need to add up to 1 excuse me to 7 or 11 to be a winner well there we have a 1 and a 6 so that’s a winner now in the past when I see the 2x this is typically a 5 which means this is worth $10 and I’ll probably find another 5 in the other two games in each of the other two games for a total 30 and then it will to break even and that seems to be what’s happening here so let’s see if it continues to play out that way I’m going to game we’re looking for looking for 3 matching symbols and there we go 3 apples and I’m expecting to see a 5 in here you know so if we double that now have twenty dollars the break even point on this card is 30 that’s the minimum you’ll see one yes get this allergic so those are the winning numbers well there’s an Aldo way guess what $5 and I believe that just about does it so this one broke even so we get $30 for our $30 input some people would call that in winter I call it a wash so let’s move on the ticket number two and see what this does for us it’s a single what is this that means what we see is what we get here nothing adds up to seven or eleven as far as my math can tell so we’ll continue here Oh guess what you’ve got three matching all right again I’m gonna try to predict what’s gonna happen here so usually when I have losers up here and I get three matching ones here I’ll find that all of these will be matching and they’ll be matching at five dollars apiece which mate gives me a total thirty dollars for a break even Oh guess what five dollars let’s see if these match yep yep there’s your $30 another breakeven unless there’s any additional winnings to be found lurking when a game number three usually that’s not the case I don’t quite know how to feel about that that these games have become that predictable but but they have there have been a couple times where I’ve gotten the 30 here and then found an additional 20 here for a $50 ticket but for the most part these are usually breakevens so for and a lot of them no 6 and 21 no so we have another break in the ticket another downside to these scratch offs as they they make a mess check the bonus another 2x okay again my experience with two x’s not been good and see you prove that one huh looking for a 7 or 11 nothing in game to check Game three played a lot of these $30 tickets and when I get the 2x up here and I have losers in the first two games I don’t think I have ever gotten anything in the bottom section so I would love to break that trend 12 with 18 nothing 10 and 30 again nothing okay so we’ve played three tickets and so far we are down $30 breaking even on the first two and loser on this hostile okay 2x you will end up here game 1 game to nothing with 2x with two blank outs on the first two games you know how I feel about that not expecting much but we’ll play it anyway looking for that exception here okay nine and fourteen nothing seven or twenty nine and again nothing okay so we’ve played $120 for the tickets we get $60 back so about half of our money and if you play an entire role on average that’s about what you’re going to get back is about 50% of your money usually a little more I think I think the tickets for it’s a roll of 30 so that’s $900 the few times I’ve played in an entire role have netted out around five hundred and thirty dollars I believe so a little a little better than half but so this is very typical so again we’re hoping for something better than typical but until next time please play within your budget gamble responsibly and good luck.


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