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hey guys welcome back to the channel name in a channel scratch off fun alright I’ve had some luck with these ones it’s called hunting for hundreds if I this is your first time seeing this one of my videos loaded with hundred dollar prizes it’s just the basics you know match your numbers to the winning numbers when the correspondent prize get the little bullseye symbol when a correspondent prize automatically get a pair of binoculars symbol and when $100 isolate went up to four grand all right guys I could sure use the money come on let’s make a nice Christmas for me I’m pork all right lucky numbers are 17 and 25 and I look like a 17 that’s where the fun is like two and then look I need a five and it’s a two that’s what they do tune in you’re like yeah my window 618 no 12 more come on me one I need a 17 or a 25 23 nice getting your money back shoot a 19 not the 17 I need 20 m course and lastly like so yeah waste the paper right here I guess that was a little flu alright guys I appreciate you watching and you know feel free to put something in the comments on any kind of tips or whatever I have other strategy videos if you want to check those out too alright guys like and sub if you haven’t already thanks.


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