Scratch Lottery Scams in 2018

Our updated scratch lottery scams guide. Remember that a winning lottery strategy is about finding an edge not magically predicting the next draws numbers. It’s all about the math.

Mr Cain discovered he had “won” a second prize of US$165,000 after scratching off one of the tickets. The other ticket had no prize – lending an aura of legitimacy to the winning ticket.   Other “prizes” included $240,000 cash for first prize, a five-night cruise, and 28 iPhones.  

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scratch lottery scams

Scratch Off Lottery Card Scam

But theres a new scam involving scratch off cards, and a lot of it hinges on how you received your card in the first place. While these could conceivably be for sale in some shady locations, theyre typically found as a free take one card located near free classified ads publications, free real estate magazines, and more. You take your free card, scratch off the numbers, andwhat a surprise!your numbers are a match. Youve won a tidy sum of money, not enough to feel like a scam but just enough to make it worth your while, and youre instructed to call the number on the back of the card.

The scam actually begins once you pick up the phone. Throughout the duration of the lengthy phone call, a call thats actually rerouted so you end up paying long-distance charges, youre led to believe this is a legitimate lottery and that your winnings are on their way. All you have to do is provide the right information in order to confirm you as a winner and send you your check.

Of course, there is no check. Youre not winning anything, but you are losing your personal identifiable information.

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scratch lottery scams picIn locations that legally regulate and sell them, scratch off cards are an instant-gratification game. Instead of waiting a day or so for a giant jackpot, scratch off cards tell you immediately whether or not youre a winner. Even better, depending on the amount of your winnings, you might get your money immediately from the cash register where you purchased the ticket. Walking into a store to pay for your gas and walking out with a few hundred dollars can be pretty enticing. More importantly, if anyone ever wants your personal information for any reason, think twice about turning it over in order to protect yourself and your identity

all right here with a late night scratch what time is it going on midnight I guess what time is it Jackie make sure it’s not midnight eleven o’clock at night late night scratch with see you’ve got a purple orange green seven we got 10 of them match your number to the winning number win prize shown get a seven symbol win prize shown automatically and you get a triple seven went on ten brazos 93 I like the numbers like them come on and show your face oh well think so i think it’s gonna be a loose yeah definitely because we got the 13 and the 19 head hives all right next 13 15 g2g 13 15 nothing there will do this sometimes I like doing the process first just to I think we gotta have a let’s see hmm well it’s gonna be a loser just looking at these prizes i can tell you 00 threw me off on a lot 10 bones I really did not think I was gonna be a winner ten dollars show wheat thank you thank you thank you we got so let’s say we got 10 of these please for twenty bucks arm so we need another ten dollars and we’re even steven 15 and 1 hmm nope pom pom pom phone now all right next up show you my scar up Han doll to get me six and twenty oh nothing on that oh yeah this could be good money you’re ready for some football kids in 20 is guaranteed to be a winner guaranteed to be a loser like I said just teasing I really did think it would be a wonderful loving it’s what this is going to be a winner right here for sure for sure if this ain’t a winter told you what it’ll be a winner all right we got three left we need 10 more stones can break even lemon 10 wow these all these weird numbers nope gather calmness a number let me know and I’ll give you whatever the process I’ll give it to you this is big and then we’ll split it 9 and 11 nope alright so nothing on that next up a little cash money action we got one winner out of nine cards are you serious maybe I missed something here well there you go it’s muscular what’s going on to it used to be right from straight now have to walk to block are you serious oh my god God from God forbid Jesus Lord heaven help me I gotta walk two blocks to get to the bus stop now 18 daddy nope next up try this first I’m gonna do the the prizes see what we got here all right 28 27 10 and 80 got a winner ten bucks all right so that puts us back at 20 out of 50 still thirty dollars down we need another winner yes guys and gals alright 7 930 and 12 7 9 30 and 12 oh nothing on that what is dropped it all right we got three left I need to hit a 50 here take x 3 for 23 30 I actually do seriously kind of like those numbers can we get a money bag actually let’s get a five times the hell with it let’s just do it five times be there think about it y’all everybody right now think about five times some five times be there be there be there oh yeah I’m feeling it I’m feeling it 5 times x is coming where are you not thinking about it people you need to help me you need to help me you weren’t thinking about it they say the mind is powerful but the hell are they talking about now about Oh II asset Oh Lord Jesus yeah well he’s already say he don’t give a damn if they take money out of the education department or not he’s not changing it so just for you LGBT if I seen anybody here I just want to say what from the bottom of my heart I don’t give a 2330 nothing on that all right 10 9 23 and 29 23 and 21 23 and to all right last car if it’s a winner we’re going to give it this card right here is a winner we’re going to give it to the first person to comment the prize so we’re first in the comment on the video we’ll get this card i’ll leave this card not the other one is just this one if it’s a winner so it’s not a winner and you comment you don’t get anything but it just a winner you get whatever the prize is this ain’t love it’s a good 21 14 one yeah this is going to be a little bit sorry 0 37 38 20 30.

it’s become a national institution in fact around 80 percent of us play the national lottery every year but now Camelot’s who run it has been fined three million pounds after paying out a two and a half million pound jackpot to someone with a deliberately damaged ticket Camelot claim it will never happen again for people who play the lottery and for anyone watching this can they trust you to run it properly yeah absolutely the public can have trust in the National Lottery this event was seven years ago on a balance of probabilities it may have happened but he couldn’t happen today in any event and he only relates to a damaged ticket claim are you sorry yeah of course we’ve said very clearly that some of the issues that happen 2009 we’ve accepted we’re sorry for some of the control weaknesses that potentially in place for this sort of fortune and claim but critically it was a unique one off situation it couldn’t happen today it doesn’t relate to the rest of the national to draw operation to at all despite the reassurances people I spoke to today was skeptical I put me off again the lottery now oh yeah I was about to get one someone’s on the fiddle then yeah that’s a good I don’t trust the National Lottery so there’s no surprise really hearing something like that would it put you off playing I don’t play it should be just a shipping should be checked and verified and it should be correct the fraud happened in 2009 but only came to light last year labor say it stopped a seven figure sum being donated to good causes at the time and Camelot have many more questions to answer I think they need to do a lot more work to convince lottery users and there are 30 million of us aren’t one of them that they can play this game in a safe and secure way I’m asking ministers to come back to the House of Commons on Monday to explain their role in this great lotto robbery and I think Camelot I’ve got to give the British public more information very quickly police say they did investigate an allegation of fraud connected to the lottery back in 2009 and arrested a man but he was released without charge the government say is Right Camelot has been fined and are reassured it won’t happen again Ariza Beal 5 News.

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