Scratch Cards On A Tuesday Video

Lotto Scratch Cards

Cash vault lucky lines and a fast 50 let’s see if we win.

hello good morning blue is Tuesday’s fresh Cod they’ve got sound home stretch box here lucky lines faster speed and a cache fault then it’s Thursday of both Lee William something nice if I start we’re going to start off with De.Vos 51st the chemicals without lies device here we have 550 Claud on the thumb v 152 with a foot a pound and a step boat climber helicopter plane tour doll look at all the vehicles except what you want front they’ll cash for like your mind is next I’m hoping and greedy hi video here both in here well pound sign and the spider’s web there was a sale star anise LG throw this hill these floors are absol money bag on a rainbow money box me kill and a rainbow zero oh come on and also what a roll I believe in olden it nice that was about squad terms you know it’s not going to happen seven and a hat sewn seal and fat this feel you know yes but a winner we have a winner ladies and gentlemen clothes off we have a way off and they earn us better photo gold yeah winner well the two wins are well unbolt yes come on well this here as well wow us play winners look three winners and have three winners yes ah well we guess Redden’s lensman we’ve got three winners I missed out on a fair vote and the dice dice is here and so is here not the heart of all winners they didn’t summon full winners for winners let’s find out what it is what ie quit sixty quid we have 100 pounds this one on the ground them hell Wow Wow 30 30 30 10 what a win on I swing on yes mine oh wow we put a look you’ve got a hundred quid on us you’re getting ready like it I’m so sorry ladies entrance antastic win I’m comin 200 quid win well oh my god seven cents to see Wow oh boy one nice win be nice if we get something else out of this now okay sweetie oh boy Wow sweetie 6 a. m. 5 C I so hard when I will have 4 big to do you also calming that over the fact which is 100 foot on camera Wow forbidden to do a a and 6 B so I am 5 B to a and 5 D so and beyond 1 B 3 o + 1 e 8b on Phoebe so what we said someone quit which might a massive night if we plan for fit on that that’s amazing when 10 out of salt no Freight you Daniel 30 up here further up there fantastic we thank you so much for watching our today’s video thank you for right. .

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