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hello and welcome back to nipple scratch off and this is Michelle’s carry on and as you can see she’s got 11 pound in and I’m gonna do a card spread my wearing the same shirt as yes like that is because because this is literally like you saw the phone call before this is like five minutes after that so let’s go I’ve also got um well hundred thousand purple but remember if you liked the video make sure you thumbs up and subscribe and leave a comment on suggestions and what you’d like to see and stuff because this channel was more for the viewers and what you want to watch well I do enjoy doing it as well but this is Michelle’s only pound card good luck Michelle I hope you get something nice back as always oh you know it’s just 2 pounds that would be a nice start Hey look there we are have a bust so even though well you might have a short carry ons more or so doubled your money already and now we going onto a monopoly Gold Oh monopoly gold I do like monopoly Gold I say that every time but it’s just a little long winded where is it and I’m gonna sip my coffee coffee is honestly the best what coffee is life if you agree like I say below because well I’m not really a big fan of coffee I love lattes they’re just so milky and so creamy it nice like love them so much and I will be on my vlogging channel which have been started to do will be in the description below I will be starting to livestream on there occasionally as well so make sure if you if you enjoy doing that and come and watch me talk to me and Michelle will be joining me a few times I’m just trying to avoid my sunburn it’s so annoying I hate ya I even put on some cream and I still something but why don’t I just get a tan that would be so nice come on give us some nice is that gonna be trains or just nice I counted it wrong there does that help us only for 50,000 so I can’t really complain about that but if we did win now that would be nice I’m sure Michelle will go hard six and five so we got reds or chopped red okay so that doesn’t help us at all as well unfortunately but we’ve got free rolls left so we don’t know what’s gonna come but it would be nice for Michelle to get well money back again as I say always say oh we got free roll freebo’s always good it’s free cards isn’t it oh we need an orange for our money back come on free roll do something nice for us and we got the Greens I’m not sure if that helps us um we just need Pink’s and trains for a hundred bucks how we gonna get all the way there unless we have some proper luck yeah I don’t think well we’re going on go so I’m not sure what’s gonna be there I don’t normally win on here so was it pal now hey now all we need is trains I believe is that right payment how much pink they come on we need to get these trains or yeah just trains or an orange orange or trains come on any would be good don’t be I do we get yeah we’ve got to pound so it all adds up doesn’t it well why is it 2500 I was asking that the other day so that’s four pound back and free pounds spent so far and we’re gonna go on to Michelle’s next card which is a bingo I love the Bing goes so much can she win on every single card today how lucky will she be well this is gonna carry on and carry on and carry on hopefully Michelle’s not normally lucky so it’s nice to see her at least getting some locking down and picking some cards but I would like her to get some money to take away to Ireland as well would be quite nice but I’ll probably record this video straight after to be honest come on I don’t like doing a really fast version I feel like you’re spending three pounds so quickly you always have to do that after a coffee oh good luck Michelle all come and dying in all the corners you never know with this one how well it’s doing until near the end right I just can’t wait to hear that sound you know the earth earbuds in one we’ve got a few that landed in different cards that was on its own come on 48 we need a 48 or 71 anywhere never know when it’s gonna come or if it’s gonna come come on you know you want to be nice to us today bingo Oh number four come on one of them must come or number one for a money back come on at least give us our money back Oh two more it’s oh my god she won 30 quid well done Michele we’re so good it’s great oh my god lady got whoa 39 pound now and we got five what’s the last one at 20 times the cash to go and if we win on this one even if it’s only five power oh well good I still can’t believe you on foot you quit Michele was so nice oh I’m guessing you’re gonna take some of it out and leave some in for the carry on that’s so good I wasn’t expecting that I thought it was gonna be the free pound money back as so famous for that card but it’s all down to this card now if you can get you’re feeling lucky today so fingers crossed oh look my lucky numbers not sure if there any other men Michelle was lucky number none so far a five pound money back Michelle can’t complain you are so jammy today Michelle so lucky 17:22 knew all think all the only one we can win is 5 pound I definitely got that but yeah oh my god you won on every single card well done oh my gosh so lucky Michelle well you know I’m Pam back out of 11 pound you can’t complain about that so I hope you all did enjoy this episode and we’ll be doing another carry on and I hope you have a lovely day and I’ll see you again soon.


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