Scratch Cards 4 Monopoly Video

Lotto Scratch Cards


my first video I’ve got another for Mobley’s or top prize of the movie n I’ll be happy with ten and I’ll just in advance I’ll apologize for my previous video which was a bit you know where I didn’t add the numbers up properly had the four fours and added them up at 12 instead of just for moving a snake I’ve had a book for last three or four month I can only put it doing a lot it’s not me apology forms and bought these cards again because a bit a lot in the past mm hmm alright 25 26 27 28 never won the dates before 3 that’s all top that was nice to thing the winner straight up here in the first portal prompt and one on top hot 21:22 1512 well wait 15 and 12 and it’s a fiver not self a lot 103 at the moment Boris don’t know coral not once thought he’s from a different shop to the previous ones as well right the dice one day so no one is my last chance six seven one three two last one two and four that’s what I called as a loser as well but defamed want fifteen beats twelve stone that fifteen beats Twelver no once again I tried and I wonder little bit boxer thanks for watching.


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