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Our updated scratch card winnings guide. Remember that a winning lottery strategy is about finding an edge not magically predicting the next draws numbers. It’s all about the math.

Firstly our bingo site offers scratch cards online where our players don’t have to make a deposit, and that means that we offer free scratch card games to all of our players. In order to play free games just make sure the demo box is the only one ticked on the tab ‘Play With.’

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Like the physical scratch cards games, the online scratch are offered with different themes and the prize money can be multiplied by many times your original bet amount, or there will be a certain amount paid out for a symbol match of three. This makes each game unique from any other, although there are obviously some similarities. In Barn Ville the animals are the turkey, horse, donkey, cow, rooster, duck, pig and sheep. The horse can be in three different colours with the black horse bringing in the big cash prize of 10,000 if you match three. Matching three animals will win the corresponding amount of money on the table of wins.

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Meet The ‘Backflipping’ Road Worker Who Scooped £1Million Jackpot On £5 Scratchcard

Melissa has enjoyed every second of her time in the Lottery-winners limelight.

The press conference is now over but the story is just beginning. We will be publishing more stories on Melissas amazing win, including more details on how she plans to spend her money, as they come in.

She has told people to keep watching, saying: I will never disappoint anybody. I will always be there. Im not giving up videos, Im continuing to do what I always do.

Melissa has promised to treat everyone who contributed to her fund to buy herself some new teeth.

Last year, she launched a gofundme campaign to help pay for private dental care to improve her teeth. At the time she told the Mail how she hid her smile because she was ashamed of them.

Now she wants to thank everyone who tried to help her – and will be giving her teeth a revamp too.

She said: They are going to be treated. I want to do it one by one with all these people.

Obviously my teeth are a big thing. My own personal confidence is knocked by it.

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Scratch Card WinningsThis I what I want to change because I do think things will change if I can smile. My fiance is going to get her dreams now. They hadnt spoken to me in 12 years because they disowned me. How can I go from working 14 to 15 hours per day living in one room, in a shared house, where all my life is in that one room. Its like how do you get your head around these things. Already, Ive been to look at some houses ive planned the car Im getting.

This time I scratch 10 worth of Monopoly Scratch Cards from the National Lottery. With a Lucky for watching!

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