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Hi guys welcome to another great episode of snakes and ladders hope you all enjoy and please don’t forget to like this video for more rolls for next weeks episode.

hi guys welcome to scratch card winner snakes and ladders episode number three really good response on my last video got 128 likes bit shorter than 150 for three rolls so I’m afraid it’s only going to be two roads today but nevertheless I’m sure we’ll get some good cards so if you’re watching this video now please hit that like button we need to get well over 150 when over 200 we need more rolls of the dice so we’ll get on with this one now let’s see what we get we got two rolls so we starting off sorry about the last one we’re supposed to start off on off the board and one is there so I am starting off properly this time so I’ve got two rolls and let’s see how we get on so we’ve got a number six one two three four five six is a one pound card I’ve lost my pen yeah so that’s a one pound card and we get a letter and it’s too too bad so 22 pound clouds but so that was a one pound card 22 pound cards and we’ve got a ladder once so what are we going to get move forward 2 spaces so we’re moving forward 2 spaces okay one two so that’s another 22 pound cards not bad and we got last roll of the dice let’s see what else we can find a six again 1 2 3 4 5 6 0 to 1 pound cards and we have a ladder it’s a two pound guard and another letter and it says on there you gained 22 pound scratch cards so we’ve got another 22 pounds credit cards it’s not a bad result from two dice so let’s add this up we’ve got 22 that’s 45 I think that’s 52 pound class and then we’ve got one two three four five I think it’s 5 1 pound cards what I might do is change their 5 1 pound cards to a five pound card I’m not sure yet just depends on what cards that I’ve got at the shop but you’ll soon find out when I go to the shop won’t come back so time to go and get scratch cards I’ll see you in a couple of minutes hi guys back again with the cards so I did decide to just get 5 1 pound cards instead so I’ve got five of the much three chillin I’ve got three of the monopoly two pounds and I’ve got two of the purple 250,000 so let’s see how we get on with these cards well we win anything total was 15 pound and let’s see if snot off with the pound ones so let’s go oops not even in order 23 butch all mixed up just 21 22 23 24 and 25 so start off with this one right bonus game it’s a ship so nothing there one thousand five pound 1000 10000 one pound ten thousand ten pound 20 pound and five pounds so nothing on that one and we have a helicopter so knowing you needed a money bag not twenty twenty thousand thousand to one and a 10,000 so nothing there number three we have a camera to pound one pound to pound one pound one pound yes we have a pound winner someone power back on that card somethings better than nothing and will the ship 4500 10,000 10,000 20 10 1010 so looking on that one and last one we have a plane so nothing how 2022 200 1200 so we’ve got a pound winner so not bad that’s three palm back from there let’s go on to the monopolies now called number 59 60 and 61 so our numbers we are looking for 13 and 17 so we have 18 a 9 a 14 and 8 a 2 of 4 and 19 other 12 so that’s a loser once that cause on the loser pile next one is card number 60 our numbers I 11 and 15 will we find the monopoly man order gold today I don’t know that’s just hope you do women laughing so far no no no nothing on that one last one 18 and 9 so we have a 17 to 19 12 and a 10 3 15 14 and I want so they weren’t good to us today rubbish cards lust to card number 34 133 okay looking for a money bag not it’s a stack 100 210 five thousand ten and five thousand so nothing on that side wall we find the diamond and now we want no island so next one pot of old doesn’t look it not five by 11 40 40 no let’s chance dymond where are you notnot island song all in all we won three pound back not brilliant but it was a very good episode so please like this video for next week we want to get at least 150 like so we can get three rolls more the better let’s see if we can get to 200 that would be even better and get four rolls of the dice make a nice big episode next week and just say thank you everyone who’s watching please like comment and subscribe if you haven’t already and I will see you now on Sunday thank you very much for watching.


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