Scratch Card Friday (17) Video

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Scratch Card Friday (17).

hi folks and welcome Scotch card Friday we have 35 pounds of scratch cards let’s get scratched in we have lucky book we have two five thousand two one five winner winner 125 thousand we have a new lucky book we have forty five thousand ten twenty to forty five thousand hundreds and ten now snipped we have the match three triplet we have a pound a pound thirteen sixty ten thirty three hundred so now we have another match three triplet we have two one ten twenty hundred one winner winner six and ten it’s just a pound we have the one hundred thousand read we have forty one hundred five thousand one thousand five thousand five thousand and one hundred thousand absentee we have another hundred thousand Reds if a hundred thousands hundred and a pendant one hundred five thousand and ten we have a thousand forty and a thousand and winner winner and we have a pound we have another hundred thousand Reds and with thousands hundred two pounds hundred thousands hundreds five pounds five thousands five thousands and hundred thousand next onto the two pound scratch cups we have the triple G seven we have seven three seven seven seven two nine eight seven seven one six seven five one seven seven eight seven seven nine seven seven five that’s a new another triple Q seven we have seven five nine seven seven two eight seven seven seven seven six seven one seven seven three seven seven seven four seven two eight new another lookie triple seven we have nine one seven seven seven nine seven six five seven two seven seven seven five four seven seven seven seven six and seven seven eight we have seven seven three five seven seven seven seven nine seven two seven seven seven seven winner winner seven six seven seven one five two three seven that’s two pound we have the 250,000 rainbow we have purse bundle chest wallets coin and Bank we have three eleven five thousand to forty forty five thousand and two that’s a new we have another 250,000 rainbow we have ring coin safe bundle wallets and winner winner if four and eleven we have two hundred thousand thousand twenty five thousand and two hundred fifty thousand and we have two pounds we have the VIP cash word we have E and O B and G T and X w and I em and day Z and P why and see f + a + u + H and M nope v no f no D l so we have one two maybe two words on the bonus game is bottle bubbly so no on to the 300,000 bingo 73/53 2769 number 764 33 number 40 54 57 4672 39 51 number 30 25 number 167 52 and 41 so no bonus isn’t it onto the 5 pound scratch cards we have the 5 pound 1 million monopoly and we have a caps and the top hats we have T Rex a battleship car the duck money bag an arrow house hotel a dog 14 17 27 28 12:27 we have 5 & 4 2 & 6 & 1 & 2 bonus there’s electricity Samson it on to the 1 million purple we have a crown stack vaults and gold bears if a helicopter train watch airplane necklace house money back wallets diamonds limo notes bottle bubbly gold pot the key silver I’ll just 11:35 and 70mm so what we get back we’ve got two four five seven with a seven pound back counts of 35 which is not fantastic but at least we’ve got something back if you liked the video give it a thumbs up and hit the subscribe button and I will see you again for midweek madness it just but if it’s also episode you’d like to see please put in the comments below and I’ll see if I can find them thanks for watching.


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