Scots Winner Reveals 1M National Lottery Gamestore Scratchcard Win Video

Lotto Scratch Cards

A lucky retiree didnt believe anyone ever won 1M on a scratchcard. Now Bill Bett from Fife is a millionaire after winning on the Monopoly Millionaire 2017 Scratchcard from National Lottery GameStore.

my name is Bill Beck some of my friends call me well but I unset the bill I’ve just won a million poems on the monopoly millionaire scratch card fart was imagining things I saw two numbers I thought my numbers higher than Leo’s it doesn’t happen very often and I saw one mill and I thought no you don’t like a million on a scratch gun I went straight back can now ask the minds RS to put through the machinery she said yes it’s a big win and that’s when it hit me when I told my sister stop talking rubbish that was all I got I said it’s true the claim started it was incredible I was like the cat’s consult between a few girls possibly a nice static car amount on a family I think I go on joint the people are spoke to said that couldn’t happen to a nicer guy which touches me as well just sudden that extra money gives me that chance to go and do things that otherwise I could have done before a dream an absolute dream I said just wonderful.


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