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5 this is problem survivors and this is scratch card coming Friday ok certain person I chose was Richard Bunn somethink contradict the second name yes right not very far from adding more care packages see if you haven’t already and you do want to be a chance when a full pack of scratch carts or 1 or 5 care packages the link is below download big fish casino it is well worth going to download it’s free to download it’s free to play it’s free to have fun and yeah you could be every chance with a full pack of scratch cards or 1 or 5 care packages and it’s very close to be going up to 10 so yeah you need to do it here we go get from me Oh what was that Oh that’d be fun to watch on film blackberries ice cream pie top kek pounds on dragon fruit jam pump up the jam pump it up melon melon cherry cherries onion looking pink star fruit drink then one day you Apple ever since I said I couldn’t come over if then it’s coming out on everyone I’ll win our winner chicken dinner jelly on a plate no come on don’t get lemon oranges guy let’s do a check here we go we’ve got Black.Berry’s lolli ice cream and cupcake we have a winner we know three paths what up the same yesterday free A to B 5 D 2 D 3 C 3 a 6 8 6 C for b2c some day 8 a 1 B 5 c4 c2 e 9 c 5 a new nothing on the first one second one 5 D 2 a 1 e 5 a 9 B 3 D 6 a 1 d 8 p9 a 108 c to d 4 d 3 a pretty much all over the place and they let’s see now now over now bro now ok ok free 11 24 8 and 4:30 28:14 number 12 25:15 number 6 23:27 number 1 17:29 number 1913 and number 9 very where was that 1125 number 126 number 836 1624 we times 5 29:28 2112 1713 727 9 and 4 J listen would it be nice if that 100 if it was a hundred don’t we be can get that night okay it’s putting a be five but we see it’s five we know it’s 5:25 it’s good we’re up twenty eight quid happy days that’s all right now least we’ve got a time don’ts and the times ranges but yet twenty eight quid happy day simcha so we’ve got 28 K do 128 pounds spin tomorrow comment below tell me what you would get of 28 pound if you don’t comment below then have a look through the comments and like a comment whoever gets the most likes that is what I’m gonna do so yeah thank you very much for watching please give the video a thumbs up sub button is down below if you’re not subscribed already which one I get to 60,000 subscribers body into this year so if you do want to do that I would be much appreciated and it would be a great thanks goodbye this video was sponsored by big fish casino you can download the app below on Android i. OS 4 completely free play for free have fun they got some great slots plus they got roulette down there and obviously you can be on the chance to win a full pack of scratch cards or one of five care packages so just download it with the link below it’s just down there click that link you’ll go through download the app have fun playing it and I’ll see you all soon thanks. .

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