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We did it Family!! 500 This Saturday will be the start of the special that will go for about a week long, with videos everyday. Its going to be epic. Remember guys this is about us and I want every single one of you to be proud of our accomplishment. So get ready!!! Also if your going to send me you winning pictures please include your youtube and where the ticket was here- Address- Mail Box- P.O. Box 356141 Briarwood New York 11435

We are growing so fast family. I thank every one of you for your support. I see a lot of you come back everyday and leave and welcome new family members which is awesome. I want this to be about us and not just me like most you tube channels. Also I have some huge plans for us and some great ideas that I will implement once we grow a little more. Until then please leave a big thumbs up if you enjoyed the video and please come back to see the family every day. Remeber that the goal is to find that jackpot and we will not stop until we do!!! I love you all and I’ll see you tomorrow..

what’s a family and welcome back to your channel what’s up guys i am back it is tuesday night we are ready to scratch off the remainder of the tickets purchased yesterday first off to anybody new here welcome to the family i do have a commitment if we ever hit a ticket of five hundred dollars or more i will get back ten percent to an active sub so you have to be an active sub in order to enroll in that and also if you are new here guys please drop a comment in the comments let the family know where you’re from we want to get to know you and we want you to get to know us this is not my channel this is our channel and we have one purpose here family and that’s to find this jackpot winner and we will find it also guys in the email excuse me in the comments section there is an email address you could use that email address to send me over any winners that you have a fifty dollars or more please include your username as well as where the ticket was purchased and i will get you up in a future video and before i start scratching guys i just wanted to bring up something first off thank you 500 subs it’s amazing remember this saturday we are going to do our special that’s going to start Saturday’s in saturday’s video which will probably come out saturday afternoon or saturday evening and then it’s going to go for a few days so it’s going to be crazy I promise you guys stay tuned for that now a family member yesterday in the comments mention that he wanted to donate some money to the channel now there is a little box in the bottom right of right under the videos that says support now I never brought it up in the past guys because I you know it’s not my I don’t want to ask for anything but if anybody ever does use that and donates any money to the channel I just want to let you guys know it’s going to go to the channel strictly to the channel whether it’s tickets whether it’s things i want to do whether it’s giveaways anything i get is not going in my pocket I have my own job where I could cover that but it is going to go back into the channel also I will shout out anybody who does that personally in the video so I thank whoever brought that up and if you guys ever want to donate I won’t bring it up much but the section is there donate I will shout you out and it would be much appreciated so moving forward guys these are the next ticket up from yesterday’s all of them were losers except for the $30 one which we won 40 bucks on so we’re going to scratch these tomorrow I will be back purchasing another message tickets for the next couple days to bring us into the weekend special so let’s get right into it family positive thoughts this is the next ticket up it’s a ten dollar three million dollar forensic and we’re going to get right into it guys 31 30 13 there’s a winner 40 42 all right let me get the pen out guys because I know you’re screaming that sorry I should have been prepared for that 1619 2941 you can’t see me guys but I am wearing a pair of sunglasses right now these tickets are bright 4342 I’m just kidding by the way 39 1727 38 24 2237 lucky number 9 which hasn’t been too lucky lately and less number seven so I think we only had the one number 13 there we’ll come back to that ticket good stark family good start next ticket is from a different book same ticket yesterday’s was a loser let’s see what we got here first number up we have a 628 37 38 fourteen to twenty seven forty 2422 1332 111 less row 43 17 83 and 33 so nothing on that one guys alright taking the glasses off moving on to the next ticket last number in the book 49 was a loser let’s see what 50 brings 26 he live in 22 12 and six 1725 721 number 1 10 23 and 16 28 and 29 all right guys nothing on that one moving on to the next set for life this is number 11 yesterday’s was a loser to ten dollar 15 grand a week for life Oh guys in stay tuned i have some crazy pictures to show you from family members wings and also one special picture that i think you’re going to get a kick out of so stay tuned the end of the video to support the family on that number 9 27 11 22 and 24 1 29 13 18 15 oh we got a star guys Babu haven’t seen that in a while alright sorry for the enthusiasm but haven’t seen that in a long time 87 26 guys I’m praying that that 50s under there to get you guys some money alright moving on to the next ticket last one was a loser let’s get right into it 24 43 34 39 1 33 39 12 23 29 2616 2813 41 14 2140 and 31 so nothing on that one guys alright moving on last ticket yesterday was a winner let’s see if we could get back to backs on these thirty dollar ones 13 number 9 30 Michael Jordan 29 for 18 17 1 22 23 wow these tickets are getting hard to scratch maybe that’s why they’re pulling them 26 5 and 19 so nothing on that one guys all right we got two winners one being hopefully a huge one all right first winner was ticket number three number 13 let’s see what we get and it’s ten bucks all right so in my lifetime of play in this game I’ve only had one star once and it was a five dollars underneath it that’s probably the most common that we’re going to see but it is such a rarity that new york lotto should really be put in at least a 20 or 50 under here so positive thoughts family positive thoughts here we go here we go here we go and it’s the dreaded five all right well hey it’s 50 bucks I’m happy not a total wash today guys thank you for the support I love every single one of you guys I have really good feeling that we’re going to hit this ticket soon I’m doing my best as you see I’m doing everything in my power but keep on coming I’ll keep on scratching we’ll find out when it together guys the one favor i always ask and the only thing i ever ask is please leave a big thumbs up for me share the video it really gets us out there and gets the family growing secondly anybody new drop a comment let the family know where you’re from thirdly use the email address send me over pictures of any winners and the lastly guys stay tuned for this friday’s epic epic use me the saturdays epic special it’s going to be great a lot of tickets involved i’m going to take you into the city we’re gonna have a great time family I love you all I’ll see you tomorrow stay tuned I got some great pictures to show you and as always peace in the Middle East take care this is from family member rich salvati with a two hundred and fifty dollar winner on a new york state scratch off ticket congratulations rich this is from family member matt PA with a 100 dollar winner on a new york state lottery ticket congratulations matt this is from family member neo the 14 16 with a one thousand dollar winner on a new jersey state lottery ticket congratulations neo and welcome to the family this is from family member phantom husky with a one thousand dollar winner on a Massachusetts state lottery ticket congratulations phantom keep them winter’s coming buddy I usually end the video on a positive note but this one was too good to pass up this is from family member rich Salvati who wanted to show us all his losing tickets on the five dollar Monopoly game out of all these tickets his biggest winner was five hundred dollars so this should go to show you family that the lottery is not a sure bet you could spend thousands of dollars and not find the winner or spend five dollars and hit the jackpot so please family play within your means and only play with money that you have if you want to send over your winners of fifty dollars or more use the email address in the description of every video include your username and where the ticket was purchased and I will get you up in a future video I love you all and I’ll see you tomorrow thanks guys for the love.


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