Prizes Remaining Lottery Scratch Cards 2018 Guide

Our updated prizes remaining lottery scratch cards guide. Remember that a winning lottery strategy is about finding an edge not magically predicting the next draws numbers. It’s all about the math.

The biggest jackpot on offer is the £4m that’s up for grabs on the ‘£4m Black and Gold‘ scratch card. At £10 each, this card is not for the faint hearted but the rewards could be absolutely huge, particularly as you have a 1 in 3.06 chance of winning something on them.

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06 chance of winning something on them. But finding one of them could be a mammoth task as there were 17,391,660 scratchcards in the initial print run of this Black and Gold game. And your actual odds of winning 4m on the card are 1:4,347,915. In fact, you could conceivably win 21 times on the same scratchcard if you are really really lucky. There are slightly more winning tickets still out there in the public domain with at least SIX still with the top prize. In it’s initial print print there were four 1m jackpots but all of them have been won. Along with scratch off games they also offer a great range of classic casino games like Blackjack, Slots, Roulette and Video Poker.

prizes remaining lottery scratch cards

Players Could Be Buying Scratchcards Unaware That Top Prizes Have Already Been Won

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Pick up a Scratchcard in-store or play online right now on whatever tech youve got handy. Mobile, tablet, desktop.its all good. Just take your pick, cross your fingers and enjoy the fun.

Instant Win Game and Scratchcards prizes go up to a whopping 4 million! But there’s shedloads of prizes of all sizes. You could walk away with a cool 25p, or a cooler 50K.

Every game’s got different chances to win, but overall you’ve got a 1 in 4 chance. Each win is predetermined the moment you buy. The prize info for each game is in its Game Procedures. Check out the top prizes remaining on all current Scratchcards.

Youve got the freedom to set your own weekly spend limits, so you wont ever get lost in the moment. Check out our Responsible Play Guide.

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Prizes Remaining Lottery Scratch Cards

oh oh shit which one you want it I don’t know if I want to be responsible for picking uh I got a pic you know I’m in mix a look make some house 27:34 6 2 6 2 which is to 63 64 4 so this is the newest one let’s do that let’s do that one all right I’ll go with that okay and it’s just said e ticket early tickets ready at $900 guys oh holy shit yeah let’s you cannot all look at that look at that dollar mangle dollar they still exist he’s down here just above those numbers sugaoka someone over there all right hombre get started real quick 40 Teddy and 40 30 and 40 we’ve had it we’re gonna put them over there anyway so Alex yeah another hundred hey we’re almost cutter money on what’s it Oh oh my god come on upside it now we got 40 oh let me get the video feeling huh another 40 nice three oh my god you don’t know dinner uh maybe yeah come on honored oh my gosh okay close getting close thirty okay okay we take city last not least last one oh nice myst are you gonna check up on it see the total okay yeah listen oh yes much yeah are we coming here now to safety to take over you there perfect alright so just you know filter down here we don’t have to tighten up perfect this machine is not a special time ago what’s the freshman forty maybe the other side what’s funny oh this is a hundred but what I like that side better I like the hunter type better come on now birdee you like hundreds well there you go well that’s our toy so we’re talking down there far away by forty dollars is not bad not bad except to you guys um dude again we didn’t do anything let’s fuckin do it again did ya write anything what well down here down here now I’m gonna put one of those two okay I got twenty yes okay so you get twenty down here five six seven anybody who only another no notice another $900 no biggie so guys yeah this is a tough one that I was I close I was I pick now do we want them what we do I was right after the war right before this one or do we want the old one I believe the old one you think the old oh yes he’s what I throw my house shake another one you know we’re stretching the Sun here me too me too yeah all right I’m ready I’m getting quick at this that’s it are at the bottom huh not a kiss huh not a good time and of course ah ha ha ha ha 40 whoa oh there’s a 500 mm might be called way the wrong way I had more than a Lhasa here we go 65 Honda struggling on this 100 baby I don’t pause for a little that kind of 44 honey um don’t worry guys the big one coming hard Oh 50 or 50 closest 6 to 600 we’re here fighting by something oh good well anyway Tony guys oh shit it’s late already you get 100 huh mm hmm no okay then then I was on anyway five sixty as you say Oh sixty well there’s not a lot when you guys decide to do uh look we’re just taking up take our loss and take her money yeah already just make it clean I got a 20 all right what’s like hold on just scratched 18 hundred dollars worth of scratchers yeah I don’t know what scratcher yep unbelievable piece of paper over there 1,800 bucks how many times we had to use the bat oh I surely never you know I mean this is what’s here when we bought the business was it and we just let the hair for luck it’s good luck yeah actually was it was lay down and we hang we put it like this good he’s hard to get it out of for emergencies you know did you phone a lot quicker oh man no we’re only doing so we’re on our way home after spending 18 hundred dollars on scratchers decided we couldn’t leave that third book on BOTS so uh we’re going back to buy that third book of $30.00 scratchers another 900 here we go back again back again and II my friend let us get that third book we can’t leave that one here without a let’s do it okay let’s do it all right terrible guys okay occupied you feel it one two three four five six seven eight 20 40 60 80 90 100 beautiful perfect yours guys all right that’s what I have Wow thank you guys what’s that now laughs thank you thank you that helps a lot all right they’re doing again perfect assembly line had the big one down here yeah all right let’s try come on my tail don’t thank you see God oh there’s a to Elsa 190 is 390 4430 we don’t have his legs and eight Annie we didn’t do great UDT great not gray tell me back then standard school this is what’s next to 860 so maybe that’s why huh oh yeah yeah I don’t know which one that is but one of these is like I think we got three on it City big winners OC hundred Oh like the winners already birdies wait we needed to buy those other ones one did he want the 50 times we have to because 5010 that’s oh you mean like 2020s no that one is gone oh this is our butter gonna have to come back we don’t have this anymore $100 this one wasn’t good yeah no this was horrible poor honor was the kind like you know they said the Polka Hall rejection of the ticket says more than 2. 6 yeah yeah we just proved it already happen abroad down there also an had for for around 16 they’ve got like shit last winter last one so there you go you talk ELISA 530 close to the last one we got you know yeah exactly yeah probably what the average is all right I forget I could put it this one you know what yes okay that’s before you can figure it out when two three four five that’s five hundred twenty twenty five thirty good all right and you was game as a ten dollar woman yeah give me two a little sunos do those there you go another one has the cheapest cheapest one all day I hit my baby the big one over there guys how do you think but all right we’ll see you again yeah let us know when you get more books. .

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