Over $4,500 In Lotto Scratch Cards!! Will I Win? (Dangers Of Using Magik To Win) (And Essay Preview) Video

Lotto Scratch Cards

This type of magik is called luck magik, or charming jinx magik. It is a mere slither of assimilation magik. You will take the hopes and dreams of people using this magik, which requires a sacrifice of your own beauty and life force. The exact spell will not be written down here. But one day I will reveal all. There are those who are now watching Me play and win, they cannot figure out how I am doing it but they are watching Me on CCTV and the feed that goes back to My states capital. . DO NOT WATCH ME ANY LONGER, IT WILL NOT BE GOOD FOR YOUR BLOODLINE, KEEP THE GAMEPLAY RANDOM AND LEAVE ME TO WALK THE EARTH IN THE MANNER IN WHICH I HAVE ALWAYS WALKED THE EARTH. YOU KNOW I NEED THESE PETTY WINS TO MAINTAIN APPEARANCES IN YOUR PATHETIC SOCIETY. IF YOU MESS WITH THE RANDOMNESS OF THE GAME FURTHER, I WILL MESS WITH THE ERRATIC WAY IN WHICH I WIN, AND I HAVE TOLD YOU GUYS THiS.
Im not explaining much, just know that winning isnt for the losers.
Losers know they are not lucky and I use this to My advantage. please have a look around My channel if this is your first time here.
Not gonna go tag crazy on this one.
Over 9 million dollars goes into the winning pool, unclaimed. . . How does this happen? lol if you cant figure it out, you were never meant to. . .

okay so we’re going to be talking about playing the free lotto one thing you need to play the free lotto as an account on the website the second thing you need is you need a lot of determination it’s not very easy to accumulate the proper amount of yes because that’s what I was saying it’s very difficult to collect the proper proper amount um I did I did really write an essay to discuss how to win the free lotto but you know what last time I did that they meddled with the game and I really just don’t appreciate that because it’s not fair you’re messing with the way that I’ve I win you mentioned with the way that I play um I don’t hurt anybody while I’m playing so I don’t know why you guys decided to affect the randomness of the game i sent you guys an email saying that since you’ve messed with the randomness of the game i will have to increase the random way in which i win people throw their money away all the time they throw their luck away with their money these are people’s hopes and dreams right here this is almost three or four thousand dollars in scratches just about there is a magic that you can do to take these people’s wishes and hopes and dreams out of these losers and create winners but I will not be going into any of that I’ve actually taken the past few days of not posting to write this book we will be getting into all these essays they’re pretty dense I’ve enjoyed writing them over the last two or three days but I’ve been trying to win the free lotto which has so not random anymore the last time I won it was so different um.


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