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hi guys and welcome to another episode of nipple scratch off as you can see this is just after my other video I decided with the 12 pounds we’re gonna go and enjoy some cache words and then I’m going to do two of these and possibly to see how it goes and come on give us the other five pound we know let’s begin la lah still we cannot complain about five pounds and seen as that we won five pounds and net will go over to the Georgian navigator on that and impossibly 20 times the cash we’ll just call it slight little rambling one but it’s not really rambling but we’re definitely gonna spend just 12 pounds in only six pounds so these six pound F so we got a five pound one at one time one after this if we don’t if we don’t win an S or do enough one of this I know these ones are the ones that you lot enjoy the most so our carry on doing the ones that you enjoy and I’ll take your time that’s fine we’ll just wait for you here actually had some jokes to share as well if you ever wanted to hear them I’m actually yeah my mind is just made up of so many jokes I could tell you them all day I might start doing one at the start of each episode just to like lighten up the mood as we go into an episode on for free pound wheat wheat that’s always a good sign I don’t get my money we’ve mine one more for 25 quid Athena’s pushing out there free rolls left oh my god I don’t know what to say I didn’t expect that I’ve never actually got more than free sets that’s so nice to see that money in that account so now we’re gonna go on to it we’ll do the one pound one then we’ll do the five pound one and then we are set so that’s nice nice very quid there now which one pound one should we do you have five tons of cash these ones they kind of hit and miss though aren’t they well I still can’t believe that I’ve never matched more than three so I wasn’t expecting that it sounds like a song it’s really good well it’s not really good but he’s good I basically made back my money from the last two videos and that will just go straight onto the next video so yeah it’s quite good it was like when I win the money that I’m putting into it is for the channel anyway so who all just rolled on over to the next one and cuz if I put it back into my account is just gonna go back in there anyway for another video and I was so decided when we reach 1,000 subscribers which is obviously a long way away I’m going to reveal all about why I’m called nipple and a few other stuff questions that you guys have asked as well so unless you’re a winning number when it decides to load sorry as like in this one sometimes does that come on yes number four and let’s go on to the final a five pound one and I’m going to do 20 times the cash because we’ve seen as we just done it ten times the cash is all in profit now from that twelve pound list at this five pound still left in that twelve pound so any people win on this is just a gravy when it decides to load eventually I don’t know why you take her while when I see people doing them on the computer it loads so fast but I think it’s just a mobile it just gives me time for you lot to have to listen to me instead of just ignoring me and I’m joking I know you don’t let’s go and see where our winning numbers on them I’m not gonna read them you can see them on the screen is one of my pet hates when I see people reading the numbers that I’m looking at as well I can see them you don’t have to tell me them so we’ll just pick some random ones no no they come incredibly close to my numbers there we are anyway and I hope you enjoyed this video as you can see spent 12 pound angle 30 pound back so nothing to be under excited about should I say and I hope you enjoyed this video and subscribe and everything all of that stuff I tell you to do to see more and I will see you again soon.


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