One4All Universal Prepaid Scratch Card Video

Lotto Scratch Cards

Dial *161* and enter the PIN Number followed by # (*161*PIN#) Send/Yes or Ok and wait for recharge confirmation. For send PIN Number as SMS to 161 and wait for confirmation SMS.

The one4all universal prepaid voucher platform is used to recharge all mobile prepaid lines in Ghana irrespective of the mobile network..

hello hey cookie ah hey yeah Oh miss acalanes oh yeah my computer burn up at one is the Cafe de Fuca Sabah do ayo Sequenom oh and yeah yeah hey hello hello oh no I mean to get some credit to top up immediately Fifi give da Gama one for all march of hats okay mommy daddy here you are one for what ah the baby you know you’re losing the same network dad yes you keep one for all car it’s a new retouch car mmm I love you too oh you go about minor to it sap let’s bring back on all my ho bandhu twigs yes boss one for all yes a put it oh wow damn Nick life convenient top up with one for all cars dust are 161 star your pin number and the Hajj button on your mobile network and talk 14 or card simply convenient Oh.


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