Old Lottery Scratch Cards Still Being Displayed At Garage That Doesnt Sell Them Anymore Video

Lotto Scratch Cards


come on come on right there’s something really weird going on this petrol station right I haven’t been from for like literally remember some moments and moments right um it tell me last time we weren’t doing scratch cards anymore right I didn’t do the normal lot of me and now right he’s gonna look up he’s got them they are oh I’m tip sex like three forum sloths right but he’s got some different ones in now and he still got suppose pac man ones left over I thought you would he says at the end of the game you recall all the ones that left the other we never got I bought a lot of pok√©mon cards from a place at Long Eaton and just for collectors while you have got ammo um I should melted by him for collectors value he’s got a lot of Putman cards in there right whenever I never saw the last prices gone that game woman it they were like one surprise left on it makes for your looks and I don’t check the website that that much gap in between next thing that games down now usually the game all the price is good there’s no prices left and it carries them for sale for a while well look prizes book book one minute there was a few of the top prizes left lemon it you just pulled it down I wouldn’t know am suprises wait what are they doing with that pac man game in there where’s cards I have not been here for absolutely ages I’m just really over the fall coming that petrol station is quite like this garage anyway if I’m gonna go see what what the crack is without dodgy weird garage but he’s got some ones now with some are bits of paper over him if he stopped selling them last time won’t doing him anymore why do some new cars in different games last time with the white paper over you know I think he’s doing he’s got white bingo in there right he’s got pac man and if they’re not even running he does say that you you call mama the thing is so he’s never been to active him right well they’re doing there I said to him why don’t you come away I was worse than what’s going on he was like him away and he goes ah yeah and we’re gonna film weight tonight I’m like yeah right usually if he’s gonna throw them away tonight you said that said you said it I think this is why I think right but I think they I’ve got some cards there I and then we’ll play a little game of I’ve got something you want but you cut of it and they’ve got paper over them and the light customers coming in these foreign guys right I think they like customers go in there and asking for something right and I think me like saying no you can’t oven it’s like I got something that you won that you can’t have if you know what I mean it’s a little power game you know cuz you know we’re doing phone people usually call you boss alright boss you know and I went there’s a petrol station on them 61 right and he has got some first I thought she was cards left but that’s the very first garage that I saw the pac man ones in when it first came out and I don’t think I saw him until after that game Bristol funnily enough in the newspaper had won the card but it found out to lot later on right and right and those guys versions as well and they had a smurf thing on the camera the other day and I’m like what’s the Smurfs there’s no price tag lonely and he says oh it’s not for sale I’m like well also do not freaking count and then understand I slim fitting bizarre put away well we’ll see you not count I used to really doubt somebody if somebody goes in imposed to be a Smurfs woman on the counter I why would the shopkeeper leave it there when it’s you know if he’s lost property fair enough but I think he likes people as he was blue Smith I think they liked people asking freedoms say no no calories no sale I don’t know all right that’s the impression I get maybe I’m wrong but why would they keep putting the cards in there all the time and put new ones in and say oh they’re not for sale if they weren’t doing it anymore like I said last time he said last time they say we finish it I’ll do it anymore stretch casual fuck just got fucking games doing in there still fucking three four five months later his diamond there to take the piss right scratch card and then they can refuse to sell card for any reason right fair enough but right I don’t think that I’m gonna complain someone this actually put a lot of a Camelot I’m gonna complain too long this that this stuff mmm taking the piss out people are going to shop putting things out there that aren’t possibly available to get sly having a shop and come here there’s other things you like and then you see up they’ll love that I’m not and that you see known up sale I love that see no nothing’s for sale but what the fuck you got a shop for then you know I mean taking the pistol up resolved I think right this is riving yeah and if I’m wrong if I’m wrong I’ll put my hand up and say I’m retarded I’m stupid I’m wrong right but this is my once right it’s Justin’s right it’s a soul nothing more nothing less I get a distinct feeling that is you men some not all of them I’ve got a chip on the shoulder because they won’t white women and oh I’m Kevin well not just for the reason that like the women might not want them I’ll just say no like failure maybe religious reasons or any other reason cultural reason right and it’s like I want English remember kava sir it’s like is somebody swimming the shop on the counter that people go in there do you want Naval Academy but in life especially if the white woman goes and this is art can you have that and then he said no no he cavity cavity but she wants it she wants it she wants to be care of it you know I mean that’s what I think so going up because I’m noticing one or two places and the places where he’s there’s loads of places waste not like that at all but someone’s wearing is like that that’s why I think because that’s just I get that he’s cold intuition I just get that intuition in Shushan being charmed by my intellect intellect to ition it’s just my observation and evaluation of the situation now as such the region’s Asian people have got no problem with them maybe my opinion is show with white person but this just is couple places like know what’s your fee and in that specific situation I can’t you just get that sort of situation evaluation for me let me see that my butt’s won’t be good for me if I’m wrong wrong but I don’t think they should have come a lot of scratch cards on this blade for sale and if that gives well Julie finished I actually think off really displaying it like it’s for sale is fraud and it’s no good common bare paper over it looks like machine is not working or whether he’s making people ask you about it it’s fishing he’s sly on internet fishing Fuhrman all sorts of scams the hitch is a giant govt Spelling fishing and actually fishing on either their human in me illegal and people found a buddy so that he’s actually fishing people going in there eight fishing asking for Scotch cards when that you can’t actually have available really it’s like the jackpot the jet puzzlement really me laugh at said when you go in there put it out there I’ll send this to Camelot because I’m still I’m still in a beef weeping over the last time and from last time of the same same petrol station with those pink diving with pink scotch cards.


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