North Carolina Education Lottery $5 Scratch Cards Win It All And 20X The Cash Video

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Today I am scratching scratch cards from North Carolina, “Win It All” & “20X The Cash”. Hope to find a BIG winner soon! for watching! Be sure to leave us a and to join in the excitement each week!

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hey everybody welcome to let me share a thought with you today we’re doing five dollar North Carolina scratch off tickets we got three of the 20 times the cash and these have several little two times five times and 20 times symbols that you can find as well as the numbers match possibility and then we’ve got the new five dollar when it all comes with one win it all number and several match numbers as well as some different symbols that you can reveal and win the prize so we’re going to get organized and get started and hopefully today will be the day all right so we’re going to start off with the 20 times the cash top prize on this game is two hundred thousand dollars hopefully we’ll get one of those so let’s get started number three number 11 number 13 and number 29 66 1933 10 and we have a winner have see ten dollars on number 13 sweet 23 number nine number 38 27 number one and I’m right at these North Carolina I think it’s generally if you get one prize on the ticket you’re doing good so so far so good let’s move on to our second 20 times the cash ticket I’ve had several comments about the North Carolina tickets and unfortunately there’s not a lot of positive hype going around about the North Carolina tickets right now a lot of breakevens and a lot of missed opportunities I knew that I’d like to see some really big winners and I note on the website there is always somebody winning something but seems like there are few and far between so alright so our numbers or 2618 eight and nine and we have not met yet 16 we got another winner two in a row how about that that’s five dollars so we have broken even up there ten dollars bite my tongue I won twice on one ticket 38 and 28 so all right two tickets twenty bucks let’s do number three around where I live I’ve seen several hundred dollar and four hundred dollar tickets hung up in the stores which they always do that to entice you to buy tickets there and a lot of times if they’ve got a lot of winners hanging up there’s generally some more winners in the store it’s the ones that just have one or two hang in it that make me a little reserved 29 number 124 11 6 and 16 so we couldn’t get three for three on those but we are up so move on now we’re going to do the win it all or win it all number is number 17 and then our match numbers are 24 number nine number 31 and number two if we can find some matches or some of those cool symbols number 11 I’m 31 I got a winner again five bucks 525 15 8 2336 1319 four and twenty so we’re still up five dollars on that one so let’s see what we got on this next one here our winner doll number number four at number 38 1829 and 22 so let’s see what we got here 14 26 34 28 36 37 exchange 639 1712 and 40 so nothing on that one so far last and final ticket here our win it all number is number 32 and our match numbers or 36 number 9 23 and 39 come on big money I’m break 1538 19 mmm 1033 14 13 12 37 and 17 so looks like overall today we got twenty five dollars out of 30 Spencer just about broke even so thanks for watching and we will see you next time I’ll let me share a thought with you.


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