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Hey guys 🙂

today we are gambling on code:


on the left lower corner on your profile to get some money!

hope you did enjoy!

Ya boy,


hello guys and welcome back once again to another series go gambling video and today we are gambling on top cs cart calm first of all if you guys would like to have some free money go to your profile and type in this code makes promo code section to get yourself some free money to play with this side is pretty new and I fucking love it basically the main goal on scratch cards is to rub out three out of nine rectangles which show up the same skin though for example let’s hop on the beast there are two ways to open this case first you can scratch the cards if I’m just gonna can’t open the case but I’m gonna go with the scratch card because I think it’s more fun um here you guys can see what in this ticket I really would love the fucking knife or the p90 death by Kitty I also would be glad if we would get the SSG Diab anything above $9.99 would be fucking awesome so let’s open this one basically you have to scratch out free out of this nine rectangles right now I’m let’s start in the upper left corner flip knife crimson web so we have to get to exact same mix and we’re gonna get the knife so where do we go you go down fuck’s no this way now okay we fucked up but the good thing is you have a guaranteed win so we just got 162 out of em 399 we’re going to take it and it’s on in our inventory so what do we want to open next I really like the design of the site and just the way of gambling I think it’s a lot of fun actually let’s have a look on the legendary case legendary eager case okay there are some nice skins in here as well 450 let’s give it a shot my let’s start actually here’s the time okay p90 Asimov maybe just go the whole road yeah we got it and 381 okay we ripped a little bit about I think we are fine hmm what else do we want to open I really want to open this watch games TV case because it has just so many nice games in it it is pretty expensive it’s $9. 99 but as you guys can probably see you can get out some fucking dope shit everything yeah pretty much everything is prophet’s majid Iraq’s the m4 I’m not sure about these ones let’s just buy it Scout come on show me the dealer okay m9 bayonet dollar maybe and now okay maybe upper left corner nope bucks and the water elemental holy shit so we were totally wrong go home let’s try another one what else could be open let’s go ahead and open this case it’s german r and it have some pretty nice items in it as well there’s some low tier stuff in it too but maybe we get lucky one at least maybe I’m just going to go for this room but I’m not feeling it let’s actually start in the middle um landlord it would be fucking awesome another em landlord holy shit now it’s getting sparkling sense where do we go there or I think it was one more try 99 Jax’s dude it okay it’s Rick let’s go for the guarantee win ah fuck that’s triggering so hard let’s take this one we have $15 left I really want to open a spectrum case they have one oh come on let me be lucky on this one okay doesn’t matter decimator and decimate this nope Jesus let’s try one more and go over fuck we can’t win shit 57 cents 75 cents fuck so we get $9. 94 left that actually sells something that’s oh this one so we can open one more of these 999 1 do we want to stick what’s in the mouth okay nope I want something with nice things let’s try on luck on the watch game see we we have to get lucky at least once okay desolate place desolate space and doesn’t it face one and we this is even made profit holy shit okay so what do we have to have $8 $10 rip so fucking much do we want to sell everything back and try one more so this one this one this one so this one as well we want to stick with it that’s sick of it one more one more one more we have to get a fucking knife hi puppies that wouldn’t even be profit I guess and yeah now it isn’t even profit holy shit so we’re up pretty bad top of Walmart to keep this up don’t even get this one guaranteed when 39 cents faces ah after all what we have left is 16 dollars and 37 cents out of 40 done 45 actually Holy Mother so guys as I already said I would really appreciate if you would use my code Matthew it would help me out a lot anyways guys if you did enjoy it I’d like button feel free to sub and comment if it should do one more body on the site or aversion and I’m out it’s chair by Mason.


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