New Scratchcards From The National Lottery *First Look* Video

Lotto Scratch Cards

Hi guys found the new scratchcards from the national lottery they look great lets see how we get on with them

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hi guys it’s ruff here from scratch card winners welcome to another episode of new scratch cards from the national lottery so at the moment to one being able to have chance to find the pound and to power once I believe five pound ones a three pound one I think a new one as well and I’m not sure if there’s a ten but that’s what I’ve got at the moment so here we go so I’ve got five of the new 250,000 gold if you want to call them gold it is it’s more gold than yellow I think so there we go the only difference is you’ve got these bonus games now if you find a five you in five if you find a ten you in ten game one and two are exactly the same find a diamond and much 3 2 win so it’s Auto 5 and 10 pound wins they’re absorb at the same 4.15 you’ve got 2 4 5 10 20 40 hundred two hundred thousand five thousand and two hundred fifty thousand I mean them ones at the top very hard to find these ones at the bottom a bit more realistic I guess only ever had one 200 pound win on a two pound card and I’ve never had them three and so that’s that card looks nice then we’ve got the five times cash bit like to bring this one out I think obviously that the green one was it yeah I think it’s a green one but I don’t know I just don’t like The Times cash cards anymore but here we go they’re back out in a pinkish color odds are four point six one you got one two five 10 15 25 50 100 1000 and 10,000 I mean realistically you’ll get anything from 15 again the bottom row top row it’s a bit more harder to find and win but there are out there guys the winds are out there so there we go that’s the new 5 times cash I’ve got ten of them and five of the new gold so we start off with the five times cash see how we get on the only thing with the five with the gold ones I like to buy two off no three yeah three after one real and then the woman changed the real and I got actually it doesn’t even make sense because that’s 87 86 so I don’t know how they work that out because I’m sure he’s supposed to start at 89 isn’t it oh well I don’t know I don’t understand but that’s the cards Oh cup add these ones are all in a row anyway so 5502 you get it right it’s all mixed up 55 56 57 58 59 and that’s it 60 61 62 63 64 there we go so we’re going to start off with these nice and bright so here we are looking for match the winning number to any of your number and if you 5 over 5 times you’ve been five times the price on simple looking for three we have nine one four and two it does now say here now with more multiplier wins so I think they’re going to have more five time symbols done before okay so nothing on the first one looking for eight we have two ten one and seven so nothing on card to hand ones are quite quick and easy look the old way down here 10 eight two and four so I’m looking on that one we are looking for a seven lucky number seven we have one eight six and nine so not nothing on you either just change the coin because that one’s two edges a bit messed up on it so I hope this one’s better yep looking for nine we have 10 8 7 and 3 so not nothing at all looking for for this time one 10 8 and 3 so I’ve stolen on time symbol just on our winch let’s say 8 1 10 6 and 11 so not nothing on that one either well looking for four again we have 2 3 8 and 1 that’s the only thing I don’t like about plan cards you can go through so many I mean I think I’ve must’ve been through these maybe 12 or 13 without to win so looking for the 6 nope nothing last one is the last one going to give us our win looking for the 2 1 10 9 and 3 Wow 10 without a win how shocking is that not even a pound win so here we go we start off with 87 and then we gone to the other so let’s do the bonus gains first looking for 5 we have one looking for 10 we have 11 typical and here we’re looking for diamonds no diamonds and much three five thousand one hundred two fifty two hundred five thousand and another 250 you know what this card is actually harder to scratch than the other one so 5 500 200 250 250 no it looks like this is gonna be a bust episode we have 2 and 13 wallet ring a champagne coin safe and a purse I love in there forty one thousand forty five thousand five pounds and another five thousand so I’m not nothing on you now we’re going to the two one and zero card we have four we’re getting closer 11 or we’ve got a win hey the Diamonds changed that’s actually have quite a nice diamond now that is it’s a different star diamond if you guys consider to like the Sun just went down they’ve changed the diamond he looks nice that one does the other symbols are exactly the same places the diamonds changed it’s gone more sort of 3d effect one hundred one thousand forty one thousand two pounds and another forty so we have one four pounds we’re not going bust we’ve got four pounds back Wow okay so I let me just try brightening up the screen if I can there we go hopefully that’s a little bit better okay we have three and fourteen safe per saw there’s another one there’s another diamond ten five five to forty and another 2 so 2 to 5 5 40 and 10 and our prize is 2 pounds so there we go we’ve got 6 pounds a buck can it be three in a row I’m hoping so come on cause zero zero shown something special on this last one we have a one and A 13 we have a bank safe champagne car wallet and ring 20 200 100 it is actually really hard to scratch this side another 20 and what is that going to be a hundred then it is a 100 and 200 120 and 20 so nothing back on them so there we go guys just as normal absolutely shocking result 6 pounds out of yes it’s absolutely rubbish but they’re gone that’s the new cards quite impressed with the symbol looks quite nice that new diamond does but the pound ones absolutely rubbish don’t be like pound cards but there you go guys hopefully you enjoyed the video if you did please give it a big thumbs up I will be on the hunt for the other new cards and video will be up as soon as I find them but your support will be great guys as you can see I mean videos are coming through spending a lot of money at the moment on cards and you know what the results back are absolutely shocking I mean at one point I was actually considering stopping because it’s just I don’t know cards are not the same as they used to used to be I mean yes you can find ten twenty pound wins used to be a bit exciting but finding twos fours fives and gets a bit boring and repetitive sometimes but I will carry on for a while guys I’m not going to leave you like that so you’re all your support would be fantastic if you’re watching and yeah but subscribe guys it’s the only way that I can keep my channel moving forward buy your subscriptions buy your likes that makes me want to carry on but when they slow down and not really much is happening then I think to myself I’m really doing it for no reason so I need your support guys in order for me to carry on so guys thank you very much for watching sorry for boring you at the end and I will see you now tomorrow for the mixed cards Sunday so guys thank you very much for watching and I’ll see you soon. .

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