New Scratchcards From The National Lottery *First Look* Video

Lotto Scratch Cards

Hi guys found the new scratchcards from the national lottery they look great lets see how we get on with them

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hi guys it’s rob here from scratch card winners are welcome to an episode of new scratch cards from the national lottery so we’ve got these 21 21 ways to win in this ticket is that’s what it’s called 21 top prize is 1 million does that mean there’s just the only one prize cuz normally it would written up here four top prizes or 10 top prizes so it looks like the cutting back on top prizes by the look of it I’ll have to check on their website the card is basically similar to finding numbers I presume but you haven’t got any doubles or anything like that on it but you’ve got a little bonus game here and you’ve got five ten twenty fifteen hundred two hundred five hundred thousand five thousand and one million so it is a pretty big jump five thousand straight to a million I’m hoping there’ll be more top prizes or five thousand then if that’s the case and strength you know if you’ve got another bar code or piano the card number it’s at the top okay so there we go and the odds are three point seven three so we’ve got four of them 34 they’re not in order 35 36 and 37 so let’s start off with 34 and let’s see what are these cards liked okay so yes there are numbers 27 18 15 and 23 so there’s four numbers unlike the spectacular this five so the cutter number art just because of the bonus game got a seven sixteen thirty 14 and 26 looks like they’re stuck up to the same old habits of Union numbers right next to the ones that you need 533 3731 not 32 not 35 39:34 no three and six nope forty 1021 number two and 22 we needed 23 so our bonus game find the money back to win 20 and we’ve got some rings so nothing on the first card the only thing I don’t like there’s no double or a money back kind of symbol that would be nice or even like that up in America where you’ve got like a winner I mean that’s something that they should put into the cards it’s like no excitement all you’re doing is just looking for numbers really ok 13 nope 11:35 number 823 nope 26 nope 39 1928 and 30 not looking too good these cards five six seven four five six seven twenty nine no 22 no 20 ten three last one is 37 song’ nothing there will you ever find one of these money bugs I wonder we’ve got champagne so not nothing on you I’ll us two down and two to go this time we are looking for 36 number seven 27 and 34 sorry give us 33 11 16 32 and 14 so nothing on the top line 35 nominated 34 36 thank you very much five six 39 and 122 28 37 21 and 10 to 24 15:38 and last one 23 bonus we’ve got rings no last one come on don’t be a bust just give us a pipe and wind I’ll be happy with that so here we go we’re looking for 25 15 7 and 4 full card will be nice just say 21 ways to win come on give us all 21 ways on one of these one time it won’t be now obviously because we don’t got no wind yet 23 140 and 22 24 no 310 1225 yes we’ve gotta win we’ve gotta win we’re not going bust 1116 nope 3218 and 17 bonus is champagne come on more than a fiver at least a tenner half our money back I’ll be happy it is a tenner brilliant now you got half our money back can’t complain yeah they’re not bad like I said if they had some kind of a symbol or win old or something like that it would just probably would have made it a bit more interesting but just looking for numbers and numbers it’s just it’s a bit repetitive and boring so there you go guys that’s the new twenty one scratch card from the National Lottery hopefully you enjoyed it if you did guys please give it a big thumbs up and once again if you’re watching and you’ve not yet subscribed come on guys that hit that subscribe button and just like I say thank you very much on everybody on Facebook who shared and liked the post when I sent the picture out yesterday that means a lot bye so thank you to all of you so guys I will now see you tomorrow for mix card Sunday and enjoy the rest of the day see you soon.


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