New Scratchcards From National Lottery *First Look* Video

Lotto Scratch Cards

Hi guys found the new scratchcards from the national lottery they look great lets see how we get on with them

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hi guys it’s ruff here from scratch car the winners are welcome to an episode of new scratch cards from the national lottery so as you can see they’ve got these new cash triple sevens out and yes they do look very similar to the monopolies and similar concept so you’ve got to winning symbols you have to match them up fast 200 similar as that but you’ve got a 7 if you find a 7 you automatically win 20 pounds so I’ve just been looking at the odds 4.19 to pound cards are averaging four point two one and four point two so the odds are just point one better I don’t know if that’s gonna make a difference or not but you’ve got to pound for pound five 10 20 40 hundred two hundred one thousand seven thousand and top prize of 70,000 pounds so that’s the card guys come wait to do I’ve got card 23 up to 32 so ten cards let’s see how we get on really excited when I went to the shop today and they were there and oh there’s a new ten pound one out as well there have got them but obviously we’re gonna work for the old ones to sell out before they compare out the new ones but hopefully next week I can get you them it’s the new purple ten pound you the same as the black and gold but it’s a purple colour instead so that will be nice to do as well so here we go let’s see how we get on with these ones we are looking for a necklace and a treasure chest we have a ring a house a diamond and some gold a roll a vault a star and a crown so nothing on the first one it’s not the way on the card number two rainbow and treasure chest so that’s a symbol from that three pound one lucky lines where are you there you are we have the ring diamond and nugget and a house a crown a vault necklace and a roll so nothing on the second one I’d like to see what the seventh symbol looks like I wonder how many of them are actually out there the seven symbols okay looking for a diamond and a nugget we have a ring and necklace gold and a house a roll a treasure chest a crown and a star so nothing on the third one not doing too good come on you gotta give us a win at least well then again whenever I buy new cards I never have any decent look I don’t know why I’m not the winds are out of you everywhere so it’s not a case of all the new and the winds are not around but I just I don’t have any look whenever the cards are very new okay we’ve got no necklace and no star so that’s four down without a wink will it be turned without to win I hope not this time we’re looking for a ring and a treasure chest gold star necklace and a vote oh we’ve got a win finally we’re not going bust so we won’t actually get something back and what have we got come on be more than two pound at least it’s not it’s two pounds but we have got a win so there we go we’re not going broke on this video we’ve got two pounds but so far let’s just see if they do back to back this time we’re looking for a crown and a house trans just vote necklace a rainbow a role a star some gold and a ring so no no back to back win on that one on to the next one looking for the house and a treasure chest ring crown gold and a road rainbow oh we’ve got a win we’ve got another one nugget and a diamond and it is another two pounds so it looks like these cards are just full of two pound wins I guess two pounds still better than nothing but be nice to actually get something decent okay treasure chest and a roll we have a crown a house a star and a diamond ring necklace rainbow and some gold star nothing on that one we got two more left card number 31 looking for a vault and a treasure chest that’s come out quite a lot of times doesn’t it ring nugget house and a crown rainbow gold diamond and a roll so not nothing on that one can’t the last one save us can this one do something special for us card number 32 looking for the house and a ring come on I want to see ball for use in Bossier vote diamond star and a crown nugget rainbow gold and last one treasure just so it wasn’t a brilliant result but at least we got something back four pounds back out of 20 not excellent but there you go guys first look at the new Kush triple sevens let me know if you can get the cards and what you get on the wind so I mean best way to do it just drop me a picture of your wins on my Facebook page that’s what a lot of people are doing just sort of build up the community there and see what other people win so guys thank you very much to everybody he’s shared and liked my facebook poster in order to get this video up tonight so thank you very much guys and once again guys thank you very much for watching and I’ll see you soon. .

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