New Release Hoosier Lottery Scratch Card Gambling Ticket Tuesday Win It All! ! Video

Lotto Scratch Cards

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I Mainly do Hoosier Lottery Scratch Cards.
I am already a millionaire so I do these for FUN and RECREATION.


hello beg in have the wind all tickets so you just matching your numbers to winning numbers or win it all number to win them all looking for bag of money or a stack of cash there’s that nice end which every time I’ve had it is a loser so we’ll see you anyway pray 326 I did get the very last tickets which surprisingly is the very first tickets of every one of these brand new tickets h of course I don’t see you hon I don’t know these freaking numbers just start learning into my suppose i knoweth how the last time is it’s an H in an in an hour that’s apparently that means go home that’s not very fun when you know you’re gonna lose right up to bat so there’s the winning numbers there’s an e that wasn’t one of those maybe it’s a 10 223 1518 429 seven here’s the 76 43 and a win 33 37 1014 20 yeah five bucks and five bucks is 1001 ticket left to redeem some of the I think it’s 30 bucks or so I sent spent 39 or 29 hell I don’t remember.


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