New Indiana Hoosier Lottery Scratch Card Reviews & Odds Reveal Video

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good morning everybody it’s Tuesday all the new tickets came out here in the Hoosier laying figured I’d just go over them real quick with you do like a quick review first one is this dollar jack o’ lantern cash looks like you’re just looking for a money symbol to win the prize you’re lazy here’s the odds 14.5 for for a dollar ticket now I don’t know if that’s good or not Harley ever played out our tickets next is the walking dead ticket really gruesome reveal the entire area look for a badge symbol win the prize reveal a walker symbol wind end I’m surprised it’s got a second chance entry which is always nice not sure my feelings on second chances I don’t know if the odds count and you know the money given out counts into that so one in four point four three so a little better then dark ticket another one is a two dollar loaded mmm it’s got a fast bonus pot you look for a two hundred symbol to win 200 instantly then you got these winning numbers in a number match two and four times symbols one in four point six nine so considerably worst odds than even the dollar ticket and interesting but I went up to 20 G’s you have the five dollar Platinum Mine ticket so looking for three symbols that match 2 x 9 x gold bars in any other games and you need at least two twin twenty dollars seems like variety of you know same type of game is already out there has been out recently so you have one and 3. 85 the ions on that and yours the big boy it’s got four games says they’re not individually sold but they’re on perforated line you can tear them apart and they all have their own scratch to cash so doesn’t look like it’s it’s like the book where you have to keep it all together or it’s void which is kind of shitty I mean those things can tear apart on their own so anyway the gas station attendant gave me the first ones but I think they put them on the roll backwards or something because I actually have the last ones of each one 9999 199 199 and 299 so make a video scratch a nice he’ll probably three videos these three together find our ticket and then attend our ticket happy scratchin. .

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