National Lotto Scratchcards Part 1 Of 2 Video

Lotto Scratch Cards

Sorry video cut out half way
Uploded another from it cut off


afternoon rs and welcome to my channel first of all before I start this video I’ve had a bit of a problem uploading videos on I have brought it for videos this week and they haven’t come through our messages saying failed but what I’ve done is I deleted them halfway through before they applaud this retro stuff is a problem and I hasn’t happened before I put him up deleted and he still has gone through and I must have had about at least hand the palms west and total of scratch cards for videos and yeah and it’s making me lose subscribers as well and I had to apologize that I make sure that it’s all message before delete individual it I’m get it absolute ethics about some nice womens and I as well but it’s all fine talking about that out because if it doesn’t exist anymore so well is out here is 20 pounds worth of scratch cards as you can see I go 1 1,000,000 a monopoly 100 minute are spectacular and I got 57 user bless so what I’m gonna do is definitely make sure it’s uploaded before I think that I just it’s just made me lose subscribers I think and I’m open any more videos on but I am so yeah please like subscribe like if it is a problem with you with the then I’ll ask you to spare send them a message so yeah we start off with this one here first everybody is a know with this type of scratch card frame of 20 20 20 we got shot today I have to close all the doors because everybody is decided to cut their lawns because it’s absolutely scorching yesterday so right mr.Naylor champion winning symbols are a partnership on the bunk right to school so I’m like yeah I know left click a house dog nope top hunt mini bad advice camera let’s get this win yet the monopoly man and I am effing an apple write it in a row if yours is more than this so we have 17 20 on 12 there is a 20 23 21 okay the identical numbers the 25 and the 156 on the for less than a right on the so yeah it’s all about the bottles on my head making noise okay conte with the cash is spectacular when and then with our 25 cent in 35 27 is a horrible caster scotch right so give you the 2015 12 729 30 nope 24 and over the 259 no and I even know 22 no try the last line 13 1 16 b has a shock and up to be shocked in a sweat 10 on 21 so 13 160 in 10 and 21 nothing no laughter yeah so please like and subscribe an accent like I said that big in the video i am going to make sure that. .

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