National Lottery Scratch Cards Vs Pacman Wednesday Upload Video

Lotto Scratch Cards

Natioal lottery scratch cards 10 vs pacman, uploading scratch card vidoes every Wednesday, so please for more gambling videos.

hello there welcome back a loyal well subscribers today just pissing about doing a ten pound scratchcard challenge so yeah so here we go what chief of video to video chief video so we need to wash your hands Toby I know as a state oven so we need 16 and 19 at 21 29 no good 22 no good 20 no good 23 16 17 is a load of wank Mike’s one down I’ll go back in there tell them yeah want my money about your robbing bastards the machines broke yeah so we need 24 and 1730 no goods 12 no goods it’s funny no good same numbers ever 10 no good 18 no good 26 no good 13 no good Chuck that in the bin 12 and 23 17 no good 14 no good 22 no good 28 no good 11 no good 10 no good 29 no Goods and 18 whole dog to the camera a load of a little bullet load of shite scumbags so we need 17 or 25:13 no Gertz Tobit roller winners Christmas so I don’t trying to win the cocaine fun 12 no good 28 no good how much is a grammar gear nowadays anybody knows how much a gram of cocaine is and you please leave a comment below it’s been a while be much appreciated so once again 17:25 we need it absolutely on that one Seanna local going laughs the last one we need 18 and 26 24 no good 13 know that charity no good 14 no good 10s we’re all the same numbers 10 no good 20 no goods from for Kinross very free day good luck but not least number 19 a load of wank this is what happens when you wait staff 10 pound on scratchcards kids don’t do it cause you’ll end up like me just get a paper on the board cocaine profit get a paper round buy cocaine properly we be uploaded another scratch car video next Wednesday please don’t forget to give us a thumbs up give us a like and leave a comment below cheers guys thumbs up Road took the bomb holy right at the bomb holy I take care that’s over Mike over though.


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