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Lotto Scratch Cards


so I’ve spin to the shop and I bought am 11 stubler a lucky bonus a 250 grand yellow a cash rich and a monopoly our firm scratch the first off consume I’ve got interrupted and at stop the video but i Doan how to edit the videos yet but the first one I’ve got a seven there for a win and on this one I’ve got a hat matching there so got two wins so far and will carry on and see what we come in so I’ve got a three and a two foot now and two and a sick something there and look purse and a locket and money and the stars nothing there and nobody number is an eight we’ve got four six of one and at seven so nothing on on firstly through the day right thanks on find that lovely down and single to win no diamonds no money bag for e105 thousands five thousands five pounds and forty finger that one and the last one is the hockey bonus so you got a pot gem seven gold bar rainbow gah a 74 bar seven Claver hat what a horseshoe pot washing Claver caber tossing and a rainbow gem rainbow and the bonus game no star so we’ve got two winners not on camera sorry but we got the seven here to see what’s beyond that well mixed 25 quid so five back there and the hat here 42 pounds so we’ve got some pound back out tink woods please like and subscribe and sorry it won’t on camera well these two wins anyway because I’ve got instructed so I’ll try to make it a bit more better next time anyway thanks for watching and please like us subscribe.


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