National Lottery Scratch Cards! Video

Lotto Scratch Cards

hi guys this video isn’t very exciting but please like and to my channel thank you!.

I guys got another scratch girl video yeah someone have sorry i haven’t uploaded a video in a wall I mean quite busy at home and work and stuff so anyway we’ve got one lucky lines one to the No Deal 27 times lucky one rich live and one Ruby 7s double 16 pounds worth let’s get started sorry that alliance first takes the longest roots piggy this one they’re missing the upper level right money buying crown I’m saw on seven dymond chuys this last one save me pork up nope there’s no one of that horse prize nothing I’ll do the Rubies next nope seven the next six nope you’re a good is it 25 nope nothing Wow nope Wow nothing what a shocking result of all them nothing well thanks for watching guys was a wreck so I know but anyway um please like and subscribe my channel and I will be posting more videos racing thank you.


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