National Lottery Scratch Cards Video

Lotto Scratch Cards


so sorry it’s been a while since last video and I’ve start off from memory ran out so let’s restart but on the first one there’s no winner and I’ve start the second one and I’ve got our whim peak and it’s awesome that three years ago so come on three pounds 5 pounds 100 pounds three pounds they’ve got free power on it’s free power mac free free and free when pig one’s got tickets light ones so got six grams three pounds 202 pounds 201 pounds twin c 1 pound and one pound sagat panel not one that’s one way back there fast a lot for you nice we got away on this one I made it look profit hey you go winner go boss let the way to their know when you’re there and I’m going to learn so pal now this’ll be two pounds and check out here so we got back nine pound to also got five on that on free pound on that one and a pound on that one and then with all these on that them so anyway thanks for watching and please like subscribe and I’ll try and get a few more videos on alright thanks for watching.


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