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Lotto Scratch Cards

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okay guys okay retro here and I’ve gone for five different scratch parsley I’ve got five of different chapter i’ll be silly so what diamond rich is a Christmas present a hundred fifty thousand purple Christmas cash and a monopoly some of its eyes I’ve already started it because I realize that the two more mobile date off because it’s making a funny noise of my videos so hopefully it’s not making a funny eyes on these videos corona got to trust so far to crayons to gold she wants to diamonds pounds and two sevens so nothing on the honor can already tell brain which isn’t figure on that one so know if you do fall winter something no but I don’t think it was so can the star Santa put in some tree stocking angel candy tree candle and Santa angel putting candle stocking so confident alphas are we’re on that one okay something no to phone up to to rough it now next one I knew Jennifer will you what scars this one so three chances probably not really nobody’s know shocking and monopoly never save this rockin op is terrible 697 2119 1315 to new and the 17 know shocking.


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