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Lotto Scratch Cards

Just 6 till 50 guys :).

hello I can’t write trivia and I’ve got five of the awesome look at ease obviously you know these are my favorites hot rods and just because they look good they’ve got some good symbols good winners and yes i bought a 5 on today and also i’m only six subscribers as of recording this video away from 50 subscribers so if you’re not already subscribed and you want to subscribe i’m doing a 30 pound scratch card video at 50 subscribers so if you’re not already subscribed please get subscribed the sooner I get 50 subscribers the quick edit my videos my video see ya we’ll get started so I’ve got five of these openly we can get some decent album because they are a great touch hard ok so a star and a horseshoe horseshoe right foot spider at my gold clover and clover there it is first windows 8 next one clover and a star spider and a pot of gold a horseshoe and a clover start and money spider nothing on that one what gold and a clover start and when he spied it right foot lucky star spider rabbit foot I think on that one coins & clover hot and wrote the foot slide it hot clover or shoot if we got that one nice one rabbit foot clover or she spider start horseshoe pot and star so we just got a one way today not complaining let’s see how much we can get so did the other prices first so it’s not very pound so we 250 it’d be nice for a fiver back we’ll soon find out and it is two pounds yeah Nazi was so yeah three pound lost two pounds back out five not complaining and yeah so also yes it subscribes away from 50 subscribers thank you very much for subscribing that people have already helps out a lot I’ll be doing more videos or time now see ya thanks for watching and please like and subscribe.


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