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Lotto Scratch Cards

5 x 1000 a month for a year.

okay okay retro here and quick message if you’re not already subscribed and just try to be some subscribers over them in it I will be doing like a bonus video but still gets 50 subscribers and it won’t become a massive but it’ll be pretty decent and that’s about it really so yeah we’ll get started on the thousand walk for year I’ve got five of them let’s see if we can wear anything give it a quick assume okay let’s get started so I’ve got cash coin Anna cash bank no money bag pounds chest wad and money back coin and gold gold nothing on that one money bag like no goals chests goals Woods coin cash coin pounds I know treasure chest thing on note chest note coins wards was coin too many bag goals cash cash and the cash so that went up good inc that’s nice next one to give them at 18 1 odds God and coin cash money back money bag Awards pound pounds and cash it show to come out this anything now last one just pound on a chest gold cash money bag note gold notes and cash no so we’ve got one winner not a bad result I’ll do scratch off what we’re not gonna win 20 pounds 500 pounds 10 pounds would it be the year let’s find out and it’s a whole pound huh not bad I’m not gonna complain as suffer this quite a bit look so um won by for you is not going to hurt um so yeah so yeah if you’re not already subscribed please get subscribed I’ve really want to be some subscribers or put them in it and also if you enjoy this video give it a thumbs up and I shall see you in the next video.


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